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Shinto wak auction buy


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Came in the mail today,  from the online pics which showed no nakago I took a flyer due to the tsuka having the remnants of fine silk ito and the tsuba looked better than ordinary.   


  Soo, the handle was on tight and when I got it off..... Sugoi,  both the wak and tsuba were signed.  Tsuba has some extraordinary gold inlay rim work.

Best regards,








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I had a think about this one Bob but the Aussie dollar is hopeless now and I just didn't get around to it . Glad you wound up with it . What this does show, I think, is that there are still good interesting things out there for people who are prepared to beat the bushes and use their eye . Of course those who cant recognize quality ( and there seem to be a lot of them ) will be wasting their time doing this . Well done 

Ian Brooks

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one, unless your post is really relevant and adds to the topic..

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