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Iron Tsuba with Crane & Turtle

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I was recently gifted an antique iron Tsuba from a friend’s grandfather’s antique collection. It has a very similar appearance to one seen on the internet, listed as Kaga Myochin. My friend’s grandfather bought it in April 1986 from an Oikawa san and the description also mentioned 花刀無井 Hanai Katana. Can anyone help me with any identification and thereby history of my gift?


I can post pictures if possible on this thread


Thanks S.Merry

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Thank you all.

Do I take from this that the Tsuba in my possession is either from the Horai school or Kaga Myochin?

I have seen the Shibui Swords web pages and I was amazed at the similarities, however there are also minor differences.

How common are these Tsuba? I guess that if they are relatively well known and written about, then they are relatively common to find.

What is the likely date of it’s origin?

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