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Chiisa-Katana Or O-Wakazashi

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This sword was owned by my grandfather. The fuchi, kashira, tsuba and shito-dome are iron. The blade length is 22" to the mune-machi. There is no signature that I can see.


Would this blade be appropriate for practicing Iado or katas? 


The wood tsuka core is cracked through the menuki-ana, and the ito and same are badly deteriorated. I want to use the existing menuki, fuchi and kashira to build a new tsuka, although I do feel kind of bad about unwrapping the old handle. Right now there is no way to secure the blade due to the crack in the old tsuka.


I'm interested in any information about the origins of the blade and koshirae.


Thank you very much!



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I dont see a problem with discarding the old ito, if i was doing it id have all new tsuka made and just cut out menuki and kashira, then tape the ito down.

others will disagree. Do you want to do kata with a wakizashi? I guess you could use it as a one handed uchigatana. Are you trained with a live blade? Safety concerns if not. 

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Im my honest personal opinion, old swords have already fulfilled their purpose and can be left to rest as historic pieces and works of art, or in this case,

a memory of your granfather.

Again, just my personal opinion,



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