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  1. Dear Yasaka san, I have found this post of yours and am very hopeful you will clarify if you suggest the shown pieces signed and attributed to Hosono Sozaemon Masamori are actually modern reproductions/fakes. i just happened to be the buyer of the F/K shown above and of another set attributed to the very same maker. Will greatly appreciate your honest opinion on both! Many thanks
  2. Thank you! That was very helpful!
  3. Thank you, John. Yes, I made a deal. Guilty, I often buy what I like before I figure out what that may be... May this picture help?
  4. Hi Curran, sorry I missed your post! I got mine for $450 with shipping. Have you got more of those for half of that? I am interested!
  5. Can somebody please help to attribute these? Not signed, but one has an NTK paper of some sort... Vertical from 7.5 to 8.25 cm. Thank you!
  6. Same here, as with quite a few other pieces from this seller today...
  7. Thank you, everybody who took time and effort to help! We have also identified the subject as Takenouchi in a netsuke group, Kyle, but couldn't find anything explaining him holding her son. Did he raise Ojin, did he save him from something/somebody? Do you know? The signature is also not listed in either of the netsuke reference bibles - MCI, Lazarnik, Davey. It looks like we have identified one other pretty good carver...
  8. Sorry, not sword-related, but on a manju netsuke and a part of a smoking set. I have been strugling with this signature for quite some time now and hoped someone might be kind to help. It looks rather complicated for a chinese fake and with reasonably decent calligraphy and even with a kakihan, but I can't crack even one of the kanji no matter what references I use. Is it legible at all? Many thanks!
  9. I thought I was off, but at least it did cross my mind! Thank you so very much again!
  10. And this one seemingly reads as Yamashiro Kunifushimi Sumikinya. Does it make sense to you? Can it also read Kaneie?
  11. Dear frends, I have got these two tsuba not in best condition, but wearing signatures I am having trouble recognizing. I have made them as clear as possible, but still... Culd someone Please take a shot at them and advise? Many thanks
  12. Thank you, Dale. Does it mean mine may actually be real, or were you a little sarcastic suggesting it to be a great set with the other two?
  13. Another great piece of information, Dale! Much appreciated! One needs to spend years to be able to see and realize what I am getting here in a few days!
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