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  1. Hey there, I am a JSA student, so my method might not be the best, but I will throw my suggestion out there anyway. Go to a fabric store, and buy some plain white flannel. I bought 1/4 yd, and I think it will last me forever. Cheers, Ryan
  2. Hey all, Up for your consideration, is a lovely Shinsakuto by Ikeda Norihisa. Nagasa - 73.7 cm Motohaba - 3.2 cm Sakihaba - 2.4 cm Sori - 1.7 cm Tsuka - 25.4 cm Purchased in 2020 from Giheiya. https://giheiya.com/product/01-1983/ $4300 Shipped and fully insured in the lower 48. Will happily ship elsewhere (where legal) at your expense. Please pm for more pics, questions, etc. Cheers
  3. https://www.seidoshop.com/collections/katanakake-stand I purchase regularly from Seido, and have never been disappointed. Cheers
  4. As a JSA student, I find the test cutting completely fascinating. Beautiful sword, and thanks so much for sharing. Cheers
  5. That is a wonderful tsuba. However it is a bit too small, and a bit out of my price range lol. Thanks for sharing. Cheers
  6. That one would've been perfect, and I totally just missed it lol. Cheers
  7. Im a JSA student, and my Akamatsu Kanehiro is hands down my favorite sword. Whoever ends up with this will be stoked, and good luck with sale. Cheers
  8. This one is phenomenal, but unfortunately a bit too big 🥺 Thanks for sharing tho. Cheers
  9. Pretty sure I've seen a similar "tree bark" finish on a saya somewhere, but I do not remember it being this intricate, or having the inlays. Pretty nifty, and thanks for sharing. Cheers
  10. Hey all, I am looking for a tiger themed tsuba, would prefer 7-8cm diameter. Cheers
  11. That’s fantastic, and thanks for sharing. Cheers
  12. Hey all, I know there are lots of tigers, and bamboo themes on swords, and I know I’ve seen tigers paired with pines in art. Just wondering if anyone has seen tigers, and pines together on a sword? Cheers
  13. Hey there, 1- Def ask your sensei. 2- Motohara / EB https://motoharablades.com 3- Ask your sempai if you can try out their swords, to try and see what you like. Try and handle as many swords as possible. 4- Don't rush a purchase (I really need to heed my own advise on this one lol). I'm a JSA student, and if a Moto is in your budget, you cannot go wrong. Jason is a fellow practitioner, and will steer you in the right direction. Cheers
  14. Thanks for posting those pics. I did a search based off Yokoya Soju, and found a Fuchi Kahsira that looks like it was signed Soju Kao. https://nihonto.com.au/product/hawk-fuchi-kashira-2/ Cheers
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