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  1. Wonderful to hear EMS is resuming shipments. I had ordered an Iaito from Nosyudo spring of last year, it was ready by early summer, but with EMS down I had to wait forever. Finally bit the bullet right before the holidays and paid to have them FedEx it. Cheers, Ryan
  2. All, Thanks for the great info. I think I am going to start with a copy of Connoisseur’s and go from there. Have a wonderful week. Cheers
  3. Hey all, I am sure this topic has been covered numerous times, but I cannot find anything while using the search bar. So what would you all recommend as some good starter books? Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions. Cheers
  4. Hello all, I am a new member from Northern California. My reason for being here might get me roasted by some of you, as I am a martial arts practitioner. I Just want to learn more about Nipponto, even if my end goal for them might be a bit different than some of yours. Cheers
  5. +1 for Kelly, I am using him right now for an export and he has been a class act since my first email to him.
  6. ^^^ This ^^^ I have a Gendaito from Mike (Komonjo) and my Sensei has nothing but good things to say about my decision. Cheers
  7. ^^^ I believe this is correct. ^^^ I live in California and I have been paying tax on everything from Ebay, whether it be from California or not.
  8. I ended up snagging this for my buddy who's a tattooer and into large scale Japanese pieces
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