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  1. Gentlemen, I can’t help but think how helpful a pinned thread containing high resolution examples of activity in polished blades would be for those of us just learning the nuance of nihonto. I imagine, for example, a macro photo labeled with arrows pointing toward the different activities and an explanation below. The japaneseswordindex.com Pic Glossary was a good start for me, but the small black and white photos leave much to be desired. Maybe such a reference already exists somewhere online.
  2. Gentlemen, May I please get some help with the full translation here? With the help of a friend I’ve gotten to Hizen Tadayoshi so far.
  3. Esteemed gentlemen, can I get some help with this one?
  4. Thanks to everyone that offered an opinion on this sword.
  5. When you say the condition isn’t perfect, what are you referring to? My novice eye doesn’t see it.
  6. If you were able to find the article in digital form and send me a like i would appreciate that very much.
  7. I’m interested to get some opinions on this blade. I’m wanting to focus on collecting some swords from the Yokoyama school after recently buying one in Gunto koshirae and being prompted to study their work/history. It has been for sale for quite some time now. It has a lot of features I like: over 27”, bohi, deep sori, well known shin-Shinto smith, chrysanthemum and ichi, papers, koshirae, shirasaya, and interesting hamon. However, I wonder if it is overpriced for receiving NBTHK Hozon. It has sat unsold for quite some time. I’m guessing, but I imagine this was submitted for TH and didn’t receive it or perhaps it never was. Is the Koshirae original and of outstanding quality to warrant the price? This new vector in my collecting will be a substantial financial jump so I’m comparing many Yokoyama blades to find the perfect one for me. Thanks, Nate. https://www.aoijapan.com/katanayokoyama-kagasuke-fujiwara-ason-sukenaga/
  8. Just barely in what is considered the large category. Overall length just a bit over 40”.
  9. Thank you, everyone, for the information. Does anyone else have a link to other works by this smith? My google skills must be subpar.
  10. Can I please get some help with this translation?
  11. I really enjoy your YouTube videos. I hope you can create some more in 2021.
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