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  1. Too busy to spit; but this one pulled me out.... Chad; check real closely the blade in front of the habaki, the flat of the tsuba, the fuchi (opposite side of the latch), The suspension ring mount on the saya, and the drag of the saya... you will probably find what looks like a check mark, this is the "HE" mark of the Jinsen arsenal.... there are many posts about Jinsen. good reading take care
  2. For thoughts on quenched navy blades read this article by Mr. Komiya http://www.warrelics.eu/forum/Japanese-militaria/ideal-geometry-cutting-performance-715257/?highlight=geometry
  3. Brian He will. I have been in discussion with him regarding information for the pinned post on the Type 95. Nick is very accommodating about sharing. By the way; Things are coming along, I am getting things together and organized for a quality post on the T95... also notable is Nick keeps finding relevant info which I add into appropriately. I almost wish I was wealthy enough to just hire him for a couple months to deep dive the archives for anything and everything related and relevant.
  4. How about pinning this post?? The other day I was looking at a type 95... and knowing I had read this post before, scanned down to reference it again. There is a great amount of discussion and photographic evidence here which is very helpful to all. Someone new might miss this post. It would be great to have it right up front.
  5. Rich J. I have found the knowledge base of the members here to be very extensive and by and large factual. Given their experience as collectors and researchers, they openly and freely will share their knowledge and opinions. Sometimes the answers and opinions the O.P. gets are not what they were hoping for. But the answers and opinions given are not typically disrespectful, they are just bluntly honest. As for your tanto, I think it looks nice. If I found it for sale at an agreeable price I would likely buy it. In all probability I would use it to cut my sandwiches at backyard gathering, just to enjoy the conversations it would spark.
  6. As for the sword original to the post... Thank you Stegel. Once again your knowledge base has proven valuable. I think I will catalog this one as a fine example of what new collectors should be wary of.
  7. In any given collecting arena I approach pricing collectable items in this manner; Fair market pricing A price range as dictated by the market, (as noted by Neil). The focus item should be a condition of being correct as originally produced for use. accompanying attachments and components may or may not be original to the item,( serial numbers may or may not match), but are correct in design model and production run of the focus item. Focus Item may or may not show wear consistant for its age and use. Premium pricing A price range at the top, or high end of market value. The focus item should be in exemplary condition as originally produced for use. accompanying attachments and components are desired be original to the focus item,(matching serial numbers), but may not be original,(non-matching serial numbers) are exemplary condition and again are correct in design model and production run of the focus item. Focus item, attachments, and associated components show minimal wear. Discounted pricing A price range at the bottom,( or slightly below), market value. The focus item should be a condition of being correct as originally produced for use. focus item may or may not be missing accompanying attachments and or components. accompanying attachments and components may be correct to design, but incorrect to model and or production run of focus item. Focus item and or accompanying attachments and components show heavy wear and or slight damage. and of course no expectation of matching serial numbers. "Junk" pricing An amount I am willing to toss down a hole and walk away... The core of the focus item and or just the attachments and components being correct as originally produced for use. However, the focus item and or accompanying attachments and components, (if any), are of such misused and damaged condition as to render them unserviceable. The condition and construction of the focus item and accompanying attachments and components are such a bastardized amalgam as to not be representative of any definable model or design. "Why would I buy anything in this condition....sometimes I just want to put the poor thing out of its misery, give it a decent burial in a box where no one will ever look apon it again." And then there is: Madonna pricing There is no justification for the price. The market value doesn't matter... I am going to have the focus item. You can see the fever glaze in my eyes and see the shaking of my hand as I quickly pay the money I can't afford for the item which I scoop up so gently and hold so lovingly that my love/wife becomes jealous... An item of exquisite pristine all original as produced condition. Or an item of such historical note or rarity as to be either a one of a kind, or one of only a few known to exist. An item I readily and proudly display with such flushed excitement that everytime I start going on about it my love/wife rolls her eyes and leaves the room.... and I don't even notice she has gone...
  8. Thank you for bringing this up Bruce P. There was someplace else,( I don't recall where), I read a post about this ebay seller... The 1st thing I did was go on to his ebay store and take a look. You are confirming again what was reported, and what I believed I saw, that some of the items he sells are a hodgepodge of parts. And that potential buyers are not being informed some of the swords are not of original completeness... I don't want to say the seller is intentionally attempting to misrepresent or defraud... But given the volume of Japanese swords and related items, one would think the seller to be knowledgeable enough to know what they are selling.
  9. Just giving an update. The project is moving forward. I have received permissions from most sources and have started collecting, and consolidating the various references materials. Please note; even as we look forward to having this pinned and available... remember it will take time to produce a quality document.
  10. In fact Brian... I have the time software and inclination. So, if you don't object... I'll PM Nick Komoya and Stu W. over at WarRelics, ( because they have already compiled and posted very informative and factual posts) and Bruce P, Stegel, & Shamsy here, ( because they have a wealth of information contained in and as evidenced by their posts). I will seek permission from these persons to repost the information they have, (crediting them for the information of course). Once I have their information combined and consolidated into a draft, I will PM or e-mail you and each of them the draft. That way, (as the learned historians & experts), they can provide tweaks and modifications to the draft so we can provide the community a quality informational and educational fact based pinned report on the type 95 swords. Do you approve of me proceeding with this endeavor? Sincerely Bruce W.
  11. Brian could we put out a call and see who here is interested in doing this?
  12. Bruce I agree with you 100%. Plus having those contributions from Shamsy, Stegel, and others combined and right out front allows amending and adding information as new discoveries are verified... instead of bits and pieces of the history becoming lost and buried as old posts become cold stale and archived.
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