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  1. as in most things context is everything. many thanks Steve. rich
  2. some time back this same image was sent to Harry AFU Watson and he thought that the last kanji meant ( advance ) but did not recognize the first or second . rich
  3. thank you very much for your rapid responce , does the second kanji have a meaning?
  4. I have had no luck at all in the databases at my disposal and am very hopeful that someone out there can read this. the kanji look to have been there for quite a while and the sword is koto. rich
  5. I understand and respect your opinions I truly do . this group has the reputation of being the gate keepers of the truth concerning nihonto and that is no small thing.. I understand that it takes more than opinion to change opinions especially long held opinions . I figured out a long time ago that the true path forward is not represented by having the right answer because the right answer is usually obvious. the real trick is in asking the right questions and that is all I was trying to do and I apologize for having done so. please forgive the foolish child .. richard
  6. imho... if it looks like a duck and it walks like a duck and it talks like a duck …. then that sucker is going to be convicted of being a flipping duck... but I am only one member of the jury that is trying to convince the other members of the jury. I believe the evidence is before you...
  7. the only real point i'm trying to make here is that the refitting of the mounts into this configuration (length) had to be done by the Japanese and I think that the last two pictures I posted prove that . I have believed for many years that the arsenals either out of opportunity , convenience or necessity would have refitted and or reused some parts. if this is "bubba" work then my point is that it's Japanese "bubba" work.... aw come on can't somebody out there agree on this..... see i do have a sense of humor. richard
  8. in my original post i mentioned the condition of the leather and sticthing as being un-altered. i assumed it obvious that the saya started out as a longer piece but I contend that the modifications are Japanese in origin . the first picture shows the saya was narrowed to accept the metal fitting but this modification of the wood HAD to be done before the leather was installed . the second picture shows uninterrupted and typical Japanese leather and stitching that runs the length of the saya. in the 40 plus years that I've been addicted to this hobby I have seen a ton of "bubba" work as have we all, some worse than others but always detectable . even under magnification I can detect no western workmanship in these pictures. the leather has not been altered . I do not know why this piece has mixed fittings and I obviously could have installed matching fittings before bringing it before this group but I did not because that would have been dishonest. we all I am sure have seen some odd things that came out of the arsenals towards the end of the war. I ran into a second gen kanemoto waki in sand cast mounts with canvas under the ito . I think these mounts fall into that group of oddities ….. all comments about april fools jokes and cutting sandwiches aside.... please, I came to this forum to share and learn not to be entertainment for the masses
  9. I did state that the blade , habaki and ito were new. seems to me if someone was going to throw something like this together to deceive now or then they would at least match the fittings up . it also seems likely that if it was put together as a project piece say for the tourist trade that it would have had a poor blade at it's core and that it would still be there. richard
  10. well sir I did not invent this out of bits and pieces but I look forward to seeing your picture as you've seen mine. Richard
  11. I believe he used 1050 . richard
  12. the newly made blade is 10 inches , my buddy did a beautiful job as always
  13. i have looked at saya and tsuka inside and out and see no evidence that it was shortened
  14. first time on this board so please be patient with me. i've had these mounts for over 30 years and this last year had a sword smith friend of mine build a tanto to fit the mounts. the blade, habaki and the ito are new and the rest is as I got it back in the 80's. the leather and stitching do not appear to be altered the fittings look like last ditch effort quality . the tsuka was made for a hira-sukuri form . I was told when I got the mounts that the blade was sold to one of the traveling buyers that were common in the eighties and he left the mounts behind so it must have been a nice old tanto. has anyone seen anything like this before because I have not
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