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  1. That is good to know about the alcohol and I read a bit more and answered the question I had earlier that it is used for cleaning. Makes sense to get 99%. I also found a link on Nihonto oil study. While looking for a Fujishiro cleaning kit, I found that Tatsuhiko Konno sells them or used to. I met Tatsuhiko Konno sometime before 2006 when Yoshindo Yoshihara came to visit. In 2006 I was lucky enough to be able to watch Yoshindo doing the heat treating process to create the hamon. My impression when I talked with them, as they were very humble men which hid their vast knowledge and talent. Martin
  2. Are you using the alcohol to remove the oil?
  3. Hi All, I am looking for a kit to take care of my soon to be sword. I see multiple kits with multiple price ranges. I don’t need to break the bank, but want to make sure I am getting quality oil. Does someone have a recommendation for where to purchase one in the states? Sorry if this has been already covered. I looked, but didn’t find it. Thanks Martin
  4. Wow Dick, Those are all awesome. I do a bit of black smithing and still have not made my foundry as I wanted to get into a bit of bronze casting. I am just blown away by your work. Martin
  5. Ken, I have downloaded the PDF and put the link in my favorites. Thank you so much. I will have to look at them later. Brain fry from work today and calls after work. Thanks Martin
  6. LOL, even before I read your post I thought Adam.
  7. Hi Ken, I have added those books to my Amazon cart. I will read through the first link and try and dive into the other one. Thanks for the information. I will try and be on here more. Just sick of computers by the time I get home. Thanks Martin
  8. Hi Ken, Well not a first responder. We kind of joke I am the first responder’s, first responder. I am the departments first FTE IT guy. Not as exciting, but I keep things up and running. I was starting to learn about different hamons. There was a cool contest that one of the guys was doing. I do have Swords of the Imperial Japan 1868-1945 that I bought from Grant GGil. Great book and I learned more about the sword I had bought. I am now interested in getting a more traditional sword, but there is so much to learn. What reference book would people recommend? Wish I would have been able to pick up the Wakizashi as that would have been a good learning one. Martin
  9. Hi All, I started with NMB about two years ago. I was just starting to learn a little bit where I could ask some questions without sounding like a complete knuckle head. I then got a new job and left my job of 20 years to go work for the fire department. I don’t remember anything now and I would like to start reeducating myself . Thanks Martin P
  10. LOL, I think it is in good shape overall and just wanted to preserve vs restore. Good Idea about wear gloves. Should have thought of that. My firearms I just wipe down. I currently keep it and my Marine NCO sword in the safe, I want to put them where I can enjoy them on the wall out of the sun, but I also want to protect them. Kind of a conundrum. Martin
  11. Wow, Thomas That is a nice collection. Choke, choke, just a few huh Cheers Martin
  12. Thibault, Thank you for the information and the correction. I much rather know than be ignorant and pass bad info. The shark skin is split on I am assuming the seem. Is there anything I should do to protect it like an natural oil to keep it from drying out? Or should I just leave it the way it is? Thanks Martin
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