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  1. That is good to know about the alcohol and I read a bit more and answered the question I had earlier that it is used for cleaning. Makes sense to get 99%. I also found a link on Nihonto oil study. While looking for a Fujishiro cleaning kit, I found that Tatsuhiko Konno sells them or used to. I met Tatsuhiko Konno sometime before 2006 when Yoshindo Yoshihara came to visit. In 2006 I was lucky enough to be able to watch Yoshindo doing the heat treating process to create the hamon. My impression when I talked with them, as they were very humble men which hid their vast knowledge and talent. Martin
  2. Are you using the alcohol to remove the oil?
  3. Hi All, I am looking for a kit to take care of my soon to be sword. I see multiple kits with multiple price ranges. I don’t need to break the bank, but want to make sure I am getting quality oil. Does someone have a recommendation for where to purchase one in the states? Sorry if this has been already covered. I looked, but didn’t find it. Thanks Martin
  4. Wow Dick, Those are all awesome. I do a bit of black smithing and still have not made my foundry as I wanted to get into a bit of bronze casting. I am just blown away by your work. Martin
  5. Ken, I have downloaded the PDF and put the link in my favorites. Thank you so much. I will have to look at them later. Brain fry from work today and calls after work. Thanks Martin
  6. LOL, even before I read your post I thought Adam.
  7. Hi Ken, I have added those books to my Amazon cart. I will read through the first link and try and dive into the other one. Thanks for the information. I will try and be on here more. Just sick of computers by the time I get home. Thanks Martin
  8. Hi Ken, Well not a first responder. We kind of joke I am the first responder’s, first responder. I am the departments first FTE IT guy. Not as exciting, but I keep things up and running. I was starting to learn about different hamons. There was a cool contest that one of the guys was doing. I do have Swords of the Imperial Japan 1868-1945 that I bought from Grant GGil. Great book and I learned more about the sword I had bought. I am now interested in getting a more traditional sword, but there is so much to learn. What reference book would people recommend? Wish I would have been able to pick up the Wakizashi as that would have been a good learning one. Martin
  9. Hi All, I started with NMB about two years ago. I was just starting to learn a little bit where I could ask some questions without sounding like a complete knuckle head. I then got a new job and left my job of 20 years to go work for the fire department. I don’t remember anything now and I would like to start reeducating myself . Thanks Martin P
  10. LOL, I think it is in good shape overall and just wanted to preserve vs restore. Good Idea about wear gloves. Should have thought of that. My firearms I just wipe down. I currently keep it and my Marine NCO sword in the safe, I want to put them where I can enjoy them on the wall out of the sun, but I also want to protect them. Kind of a conundrum. Martin
  11. Wow, Thomas That is a nice collection. Choke, choke, just a few huh Cheers Martin
  12. Thibault, Thank you for the information and the correction. I much rather know than be ignorant and pass bad info. The shark skin is split on I am assuming the seem. Is there anything I should do to protect it like an natural oil to keep it from drying out? Or should I just leave it the way it is? Thanks Martin
  13. HI Grant, Yes I would be all over that offer of Dawson's book. Just give me a couple weeks to refill my "tool" fund. Got to keep the wife happy. Yes I was surprised by how skinny the blade is. Yes I agree it looks to me to be machine made. Thanks Martin
  14. Bruce, I just looked at don't see anything on the actual sword. Must be some reflection or artifact in the picture.
  15. Hi Bruce, Good eye. I don't know I will look tonight. Solingen is a manufacture, but not the only one. I know during a point they made some of the US Army 1902 swords. Also Eickhorn
  16. I had purchased the Fuller and Gregory book. I had learned some, but still not sure as I read one thing then I read something else that in my mind conflicts with that. What I can tell is the blade is machine made, most of the gilt is there. The seller said it was a seven leaf, but I count nine, unless I am counting wrong. Also I read something about the higher ranks having bigger nobs on the ray handle, but it is normal on mine. I was thinking it was after 1914 with it being a machine blade and because I read about the smaller swords starting in 1914. This looks like a very small sword to me. I have read one thing that said Navy knots are the same through the ranks and another saying they are different fro the ranks. I also read through this, but maybe I am just dense. http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/17713-imperial-Japanese-navy-sword-knot/ Can anyone educate me more on this sword and sword knot? GGil, I have seen Grey's posts and although good prices for what they are, at this current point I have spent my wad for a bit. Thanks Martin
  17. That makes sense. Thanks Martin
  18. I saw this sword and so I started researching it. This is what originally brought me here.
  19. Gentlemen, Thank you for the information. Now is the nakago, not polished because it will removed the maker mark or other info? It would probably make it loose in the fittings over time also. ROKUJURO, I guess I don't look at active rust as a patina, but a cancer. You can stop the rust with very gentle techniques. I try and ask people that are in the know the best way to preserve an item. There are too many people that think they are preserving something, but have devalued it. That is why I love boards like this one. Blazeglory, too funny! Thanks Martin
  20. HI Board, Please forgive my ignorance, but why does having a Nihonto professionally polished not lower the value? Most antique type items if you polish or pull off the patina it brings down the value. I have read that professionally polishing is not a cheap endeavor either at $100- $120 per inch. Thank you for your knowledge Martin
  21. Congrats Barry. Can't say I am not envious. Well at some point I will get my first Nihonto. Thanks for the opportunity.
  22. Hey Devildog, I have no clue. Sorry I hope to learn this as I go. Were you an FO? I was an 0811
  23. OK I feel real ignorant about these. I think I could spend a ton of time just looking at one and learning from that let alone three. From the reference links this is what I noticed and tried to compare to a like item. I also can tell I need to study the name of the different parts of the sword and that I need more books. LOL. 1. A choji-Midare Hamon Mino style gunome midare Itame Hada 2. A Hoso Suguha Hamon Yamato / Yamashiro style Mokume Hada 3. Soshu Style Notare hamon masame Hada Just want to say thanks again for the opportunity to learn and possible have my first nihonto. Martin
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