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  1. They both look very nice.. I see you live in Boston Im about 25 minutes south of you.
  2. Ok, thanks.. No one has come forth and stated whether or not it is a legit signature or not. Maybe that needs to be decided "in hand" ? Im new to old blades so really have no idea. I collect mainly showa period ww2 gunto. I understand the fact that quality trumps age. The Mei on my blade differs from the link posted as two characters are absent.
  3. Thank you. So the blade has to be earlier than 1800 ? Just trying to get an idea. Im a little new to these early blades.
  4. Here are better photos. If anyone here wants to see them.
  5. I understand not caring about mass produced machine made blades.. I feel the same way with dress swords. A ww2 gunto no matter how the blade was made was a weapon that was "one" with the owner as was the ancient swords of their ancestors.
  6. What people pay for stuff and what we think is better or worse all comes down to personal preference and we are all individuals. Millions of items are out there for sale and we all ended up here for one reason. We like Japanese sword's in one way or another. Im a military collector and that where I focus but, can still appreciate that little tanto even though I have no clue what makes it valuable. I find the art sword guys look down on us military sword guys..IMHO.
  7. This one was more attractive than the last few I have seen sell. Not to me but, just the way it was presented. With the tassel and capture tag ? Lol. Who knows for sure even this could have been assembled this way for the sale ? There was one the seller had trouble getting 2500.00 for and it was on ebay and gun boards for sale. At the time I didn't have the cash and I was hesitant to pay 2500.00 for it. As I cant see that price either. I haven't paid more than 700 for any type 95 I own and I have almost all the variants. Ebay or any auction is un-predictable at best. I just bought a Kai-gunto with non-stainless arsenal blade for under 800 and its a great sword ! You just never know.
  8. Ok, thank you.. I rotated the image so maybe it is easier to read. I will look the tsuba over and get a photo of the mei on the tsuba.
  9. Thanks for the link.. The blade differs some to my un-trained eye as the Harmon is a different type and the mei end has a blunt end not rounded but, Im not sure how many different types one man would make ? The habaki is sure the same.
  10. I think that's what we were told in the translation section. There was a ? If the mei was legit or gimi ? If Im saying it correctly ?
  11. Also is the mei on the wood a name or just some sort of assembly number ?
  12. Both I guess ? I have many ww2 era swords and I can only assume the saya was leather covered as I have no idea what else to think ? Most early blades I know have lacquered saya's with an integral loop for lack of a better term.. When I posted for translation someone said it was probably replaced ? Im a novice to these early swords and only collect ww2 era stuff.
  13. Here are the promised photos of the Mei and the blade. I hope we can nail this one down and clear up any ?? On the smith. Thanks for all your help.
  14. I took a photo of the end cap but it was blurry. Small figures in gold possibly ? Saya seems to be a mystery ? It fits the blade perfectly and shows age. I'm assuming it should be leather covered.
  15. Im pretty excited to have bought this sword. Im a novice and no nothing about Non military fittings.. Enjoy these.
  16. Ok, thank you I will post some photos when I get a chance.
  17. Just got the sword today. Where is the best sub-forum to post the photos ?
  18. I was able to buy the sword. I will post some better photos when it arrives. I'm not 100% sure yet whether I'll keep sell or trade it off yet. Thanks again for all your help.
  19. Thanks for the help. If I'm able to get it I will post some better photos. My guess on the saya was it was replaced to be carried during ww2 ? Maybe ? I have seen others that were used during that period.
  20. Sounds like a Powel Nowak scammer job. He has been screwing folks for years on the German side So I guess he's after a new un-suspecting new crowd. He's from Poland and I cant believe this guy is still breathing. Yes the photos are clearly Showa22 on ebay. You got saved man.... Any deal that's too good to be true usually is. Never send money to someone you don't know or can get back in contact to.
  21. Thanks. the sword is complete less the saya covering. The photos of the saya aren't the best and Im trying to get a blade length. Not sure the value as I don't collect beyond the showa period. Saya never looked lacquered ? Its totally wood with the loop for the hanger.
  22. This is a sword Im being offered. Not typically what I look for but I have to take what comes my way. Im interested in what it says and I assume its single sided ? It has a very nice Harmon on the blade. Its in civilian mounting. Not sure the blade length yet. Thanks .
  23. I wasn't talking about the first sword posted. the second. Looks like a typical Chinese fake to me.. Wouldn't buy it based off that photo. Sorry if Im wrong.
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