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  1. why is it questionable ? Was his signature copied in his lifetime ? Looks very clear and textbook to me. for the novice what is "mumei"
  2. Not sure what you mean by Nagasa ? Yes, he was the seller. I asked him about the sword and he said I have its twin ! So he sold it to me. It was nice not having to be dragged through another ebay auction. Both were bought from the same guy @ the same time somewhere in rural Maryland. He never had them apart and sold the 1st as "un-known" I think he left a few $$ on the table. As I saw a type44 Emura sell for 2800.00 I have yet to see a type 44 Nagamitsu sell @ auction.
  3. Just picked it up today. Little bit of an odd story how I ended up with it. I have been wanting a red lacquered Type44 for some time. I was always day late dollar short. I inquired to a dealer I knew and he sold me a twin of a sold that just went off on the bay. Both were bought from the same source. So I can only assume both are Nagamitsu ? He sold the 1st and this one without ever having them apart. I was the 1st to have this one apart Im sure. I did it because I could see no damage to the wrapping would occur. Blade is blank less Nagamitsu signature and the ####'s on the spine and small Kanji possible arsenal stamp ? Those that know these may know the stamp. Thank you and enjoy. Was nice to find one that I didn't need translating. LOL
  4. just found this thread. I came across one similar. What is that covering the top of the saya ?? Leather ? or paper ?
  5. The blade is heavily rusted. So, Im not going to move forward with it. If anyone is interested I can forward his info to you.
  6. thanks for the info. I looked quick and couldn't find him. Just some cousins with the last sur-name. lol
  7. thank you Joe. I will try to look him up. I hope the blade is decent on this one. The 1st was a bust. second not much better.
  8. Here is the last I will post. This one looks a bit interesting.
  9. here is the blade . Has a straight temper line. Hope this helps. according to the seller it has no other markings on the blade.
  10. I will as soon as I have more photos of the overall sword and fittings.
  11. Im sure. What is the best book to buy on the subject ? I want to get a little deeper into this. The link is very confusing for the novice. Showa dates Im sure are easy to figure out if you have the books info to do so. Does that major sword site have all that ? Thanks for the response that came in while I was typing mine. That's another stumbling block is so many guys with the same name and trying to figure out who is who. As I said all four swords I could tell were war time blades. Im not sure if any are of any real value above a standard type98 gunto.
  12. Thank you. Is this one dated on one side ? I was going to add another photo but, I guess it isn't necessary. Any, Info on this smith ? Average wartime ? That's my thought.
  13. This one Im sure wont be as difficult. War time blade typical with painted kanji. Not my photos another of the 4 Im being offered. Thanks...
  14. Thanks all. How common or un-common is this ? I assume its only marked on one side ? Im getting more photos. Its in standard type98 mountings.
  15. I have time. No need to rush. Even if I didn't buy it its not the end of the world. Always interesting to see minds at work.. I do a lot of authenticating of German ww2 items and know not everything is cut and dry. Swords amaze me as to the depth of knowledge needed to translate these things. All your help is greatly appreciated. I will ask for shots of the blade.
  16. really ? Im sure anything can be faked but, that's the last thing I would think ? This tang shows what I thought to be real natural age. I have seen may than looked brand new.
  17. ok, thanks . Hopefully others will chime in.
  18. ok, lets wait and see for translation. I can own this or pass it to someone who wants it if they can come up with a reasonable price. Im working with a seller. has four swords the other 3 are wartime mass produced blades. this was the only one I saw that looked old and different.
  19. not my photos but, its a sword Im being offered. tang looks old so I wanted to ask to see if its something special.
  20. I have a complete type 3 saya with push button if you are in interested ???
  21. looks like it's from a dremel tool IMHO. Fitting were added Im sure. With out rock solid documentation its just a story. Buy the item not the story. Sword with no story might be 1k usd on a good day.
  22. might be ? Or the late war type. These often broke or are lost when the sword is disassembled.
  23. Thanks. Its priced at about what I feel its worth and it could go higher. I just wanted to ask and see if it was anything special. I have yet to see an example with kanji on the fittings like that. There is also some type of mark on the tsuba..
  24. Thanks again, Not mine. Not yet. Just was hoping if someone could translate the Mei and see if its worth pursuing. Blade has a little damage to the cutting edge near the tip. Any help would be appreciated. the tang is signed on both sides. The spine of the blade has Kanji and so does the fittings and saya. Sorry the photos got jumbled hope it makes sense.
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