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  1. I had a question on a Bizen den smith - Yokohama Fujiwara Sukesada - the below image is of a katana with his signature. I understood that the smith was known to produce choji gunome midare hamon and wondered whether its normal to see examples with sugahadeki? I also believe there are lots of fake or copied blades of this smith. Does any one have any views on the smith and the quality of the blades? Many thanks in advance.
  2. Just added pics to the original post - also please note the officers knot is mine added after purchase - note the machining on the Tuba!
  3. https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/22749/lot/4/
  4. I wondered if I could have some views on a sword I brought recently at auction. In the catalog it was described as in fine condition, when I inspected it at home it became evident that it is a piece which has been put together from a series of original parts. The Tuba has been recently machined to fit the blade etc and the locking mechanism is absent in the tuska but evident in the shirasaya - I also thought it was sharp practice to describe this as in fine condition and suggest it in anyway had provence to a general, it being showa-to and there being nothing but a book on Japanese generals accompanying the sword with a hand written note suggesting same. I know many people will think I've been dim in not reviewing the piece before bidding, but I just wondered if people think the piece in any way stands up to inspection - photos attached. Signed Yesaka Yoshikuni saku The blade with one mekugi-ana, midare hamon, in full military pattern mounts, and in fine condition overall (2) 66.7 cm. blade Provenance Believed to have been the sword of General Shimoto, Commander of the 9th Artillery Command, and offered with Richard Fuller, Shokan-Hirohito's Generals, 1991
  5. I was wondering if any one could confirm whether the blade in the pictures below has Ha-garami, or whether the tiny marks are some form of weld or grain deformity? The marks look like tiny hair cracks and only appear on one side of the blade. Do Ha-garami effect the value of the blade and do the ones on this blade give cause for concern? The sword is modern Shin-sakato for reference. Many thanks for any and all advice on this matter!
  6. Many thanks for the kind replies. Is any one able to confirm the date the sword was made please?
  7. Hi - I wondered if anyone knew anything about the smith Moriyoshi and whether he is viewed as collectable. I believe he was reasonably prolific, but have struggled to find much detail on him. I was looking at Aoi Art and found this sword by him and was quite tempted to add it to my collection, but I am inexperienced when it comes to shinsakuto blades. Would any one be able to provide any insight into the quality of the blade and its standing in the collecting world relative to an antique blade please? Link: http://www.aoijapan.com/katana-hishu-8d ... 8-gatsu-hi
  8. Hello there, I'd really like some advice on this DaiSho for sale on Aoi Art. I'm considering a purchase and just wanted a second opinion on whether they are of a reasonable standard given the price? I've done some research on the smith and it appears to be genuine. I'm minded to get them sent to Shinsa, is this a sensible thing to do? http://www.aoi-art.com/sword/katana/11299.html Many thanks Jamie
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