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  1. no, those two are not the one in question. I bought a super late type. It's wrapped and under the wrapping instead of the typical ray skin there seems to be cloth or paper ?? And it covers the peg and screw. I will post some photos soon. Its a super sword.
  2. Ok,thanks. I'm fairly new to collecting swords. Been at it for only a few years. My collection is growing to about a dozen examples. I bought three swords going off some photos without them being disassembled. I took a shot and was hoping it would pay off. Overall this sword seems very nice. Un-touched for the most part. All three were found in the basement of a vet after a home clean out. All three were in a foot locker. I will be posting the others on this fine forum at some point. The late war sword Im afraid I wont be able to get apart. As the wrap would be destroyed removing it. Not a thing I want to do or would be willing to do. One last thing. Is this blade odd that its not dated ? Normally they are dated..
  3. thank you for the quick replies guys. What type of quality was his work ? Is this a somewhat desirable smith ? Blade is very nice and so it the rest. I will post some photos of the complete sword.
  4. Here is one of the three blades I just bought. Im on the fence on how it was made. It has some inclusions in the blade making me lean tword traditional ad a forge blade wouldn't have these. Please let me know what you all think. And of course translate the tang. Its only marked on one side and there are no arsenal markings. Thanks.
  5. I commented on Nick's post and that is how I found this fine forum. I think what he his trying to do is Dismiss the type of sword its been named. 1st NLF then type 3 ? I have also heard it called a type44 by some knowledgeable collectors. His documentation seems to back this up. I was shocked to see the shortages were as early as 1938. Also I have never seen or heard of one of these "type 3's " with a bladed dated earlier than 43.
  6. thanks for allowing me to join. Cant wait to start posting some swords..
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