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  1. Just beautiful Ray, like always. No wonder I hardly get any savings done... -Antti
  2. Tony, You are missing prices as per rules of this section. Hoping to see them soon! br, Antti
  3. Hello Uwe, Yes for these shots mobile, earlier a Nikon with varying lenses but the setup was rather hard (no macro lens). Antti
  4. Hello all! While on short leave I tried to capture some activities in my few newer blades... question for you people with skills in photography: how do you get the best results while capturing the hada/hamon and various activities in your blades? Below few shots on blades. Thank you in advance! Antti
  5. Like I said earlier with some sarcasm added to the post, Mr. D. Is not helping the cause of spreading the extremely intresting preservation and collecting hobby with his jabs and cryptic messages. Trolls begone etc. happy thoughts from me. Peace etc. etc. Except I am a Finn so... Happiest regards, Antti
  6. Well I think most of his posts start with pointy or bluntish comments so wrong foot hitting the floor and lego in the morning? :D -Antti
  7. Gimei blades mostly and with bad (acid enhanced) polishes... -Antti
  8. I think this was in an auction few months back. If the seller won it from there you should also be asking why he is getting rid of it. Like said it is very decorative but maybe a bit too flashy for many tastes. Perfect gift blade as mentioned. -Antti
  9. Renovations paid for by other means so raising the prices back up a bit. Gassaku: 8300$ Shigemasa: 7500$ Masatoshi: 5400$ -Antti
  10. Bump from abroad, offers are welcomed as well! -Antti
  11. Bumping this up, blades still available. Will be on leave for one more week then back to the lovely mountains. Br, Antti
  12. Still available, offers welcome! Br, Antti
  13. Fast update: Gassaku: 7500$ Shigemasa: 6600$ Masatoshi: 4700$ -Antti
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