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  1. Hi Antti, Couldn't be happier with the blade, well packed, speed of light shipping, and of course: "So much better in hand" Looking forward to endless hours of gazing at the blade. Thanks, Ron
  2. Hi Ivo, Saw your post on another sword forum, like I said: if it's too good to be true, it's too good to be true. Have a good evening. Ron G.
  3. Dear Grey, I had the pictures from a Dutch auction site, where this sword is offered at a "too good to be true" price, €152 incl shipment. ≥ Antiek Japanese Samurai Katana - Militaria | Algemeen - Marktplaats.nl After I did a search on Taneyoshi, the same sword came up,with the same pictures. It seems that this sword was sold about 2 weeks ago on eBay. Antique Japanese Samurai Katana Sword – Signed Blade – Taneyoshi | eBay Unless someone is trying to get rid of his money, it's fishy and it stinks. Best, Ron G.
  4. Dear Grey and Gabriel, Thank you so much. Ron G.
  5. Dear Members, Can't figure out the first kanji, anyone???, last part yoshi? Thanks in advance. Best, Ron G.
  6. Who knows, one day , but thank you so much already, will keep on studying. Have a nice day ahead. Ron G.
  7. Dear Jean, Hope these help for the boshi id. Ron G.
  8. Dear Jussi, Thanks, think lost the plot due to suriage. Best, Ron G.
  9. Dear Jean, Thank you for your time. Will see if I can produce better pictures. Thanks again, Ron G.
  10. Dear Barry, Thank you for your comment, it's clearly a mistake. Thanks Ron G.
  11. Dear Members, I would like to ask you to assist me with filling in my inventory sheet based on the pics. I enjoy looking at this sword, it's just that I can't find certain answers. Blade length: 64cm Blade width: Machi: 0.7cm Yokote: 0.4cm Mihaba: 3 cm Sori: 1.6cm Koshi-zori Mune: Ihori (hikushi) from the mune side, it's almost rounded but it does have an "edge". Probably where it becomes slightly more difficult are the following areas. Kitea: ??? My idea is masame, any confirmation? Hamon:??? Utsuri:??? Boshi: ??? When I look at other examples, it seems so easy to see, is this a way of photographing? Kissaki: chu-kissaki Nakago: O-suriage, mei is still visible, is it still called o-suriage? Nakago length: 24cm Mekugi-ana: 1 Nakago-Jiri: Kiri (ichimonji) Yasurime: Very hard to see. Mei: Tachi mei Looking forward to your comments, please be gentle, still a novice. Best, Ron G.
  12. Hi Dan, Not so much of a specialist myself, but everything helps, isn't it. Rule1: do NOT try to do anything to the blade or tang, leave that to the professionals. Have you figured out what kind of you blade you have? Did you see any stamps, marks, signature or numbers? The fittings are ww2 material, besides the saya. Also check if the spacers are numbered, in the best case all numbers should be the same. The tsuka needs repair and probably rewrap. These things you can do if you have figured out what kind of blade you have, if you or your wallet think it's worth it to restore. Maybe add some close up pics to get more assistance. Good luck, Ron G.
  13. Dear Board members, Very much interested to purchase this sword, just asking for verification and any additional information. The mountings are shin-gunto with a silver family mon of the Matsunaga clan. Thank you in advance, Ron
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