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  1. Wow very sad to hear i just learned of his passing, my condolences to his family. He was a pillar of the nihonto community and will be missed and always remembered never had a chance to meet him in person but he helped and pointed me in the right direction when i first started collecting. If theres anything i could do to help im here. Prayers go out to his family.
  2. Brian, don't worry nobody is making anyone feel worse I bought the piece because I did my due diligence and im confident in what I bought. Please let everyone comment in any way they would like I welcome it. The reason i made this post was to hear what people had to say about it and i respect everyones opinion as long as some sort of reference is provided with their statement. To some people 13k maybe a lot of money and so they maybe in shock as to how someome can spend that amount on a unpapered bringback, but to some 13k is 13 dollars and it's not much of a risk. this wouldn't be the first sword I've bought without papers as a matter fact I prefer to buy swords without papers and all the big collectors do to but not many would openly tell you that. No problem ken and no problem brian I will combine my posts im very sorry i didnt realize that It bothers people that i dont use the same post for all my thoughts after all the internet is infinite space, i just didnt realize that everytime write something every one gets a ping. Yaz I'm not sure what you mean by getting so heated I'm not sure if your referring to me? If so heated about what? Also i don't know why your comparing the mei to only one reference if you do that with all the swords you potentially want to buy one can only Imagine how many good swords you let slip thru your hands. I'm not going to explain what I explained before either way. The sword has to go to Japan so we will see if it's shoshin or not. But I appreciate your effort in the drawings yaz. When you sign you name on a piece of paper were not talking about tamahagane now is your signuture 100 percent the same everytime? I bet the answer is no, try chizeling into metal and have the same exact precise result every single time. I could put up 30 different swords by kiyomaro that all have different signutures and different writing styles. You simply cannot judge a mei from 1 reference. There's a panel of judges when your sword goes thru shinsha just in case one judge may see something the other does not although they are all professional they reach a verdict together based on a huge library of references. Either way at this point its every ones opinion because neither you or me are in the nthk or nbthk. All we can do when we buy a sword is refer to references we have at hand and make an educated decision based on that. At least that's the way I buy my swords and I do pretty well at it. Yaz if you have a moment on your hand please take a look at the pictures I posted at 1143pm. Brian what are your thoughts on the date and mei would like to hear your opinion on this. Attached is probably the best explanation to the science of gimei artists. Might help for the future. Yura D.
  3. Will put an example up with arrows that point in the same direction in a little bit when I get back home. He really have many different ways of signing this is dated 1835 would be when he was 24years old and is beginning of his career as he gets older the style changed into a more squared of kanji look
  4. The direction varies there are examples that go both directions. Believe me I checked everyrhing
  5. Yes I read this. There are existing examples with only tamaki written without the yamaura.
  6. Sorry didn't see, the references I used were the nihonto taikan, kanzan koza, nihonto koza, and kotetsu kiyomaro book along with some other books that don't have as much info as the ones I listed
  7. Adam do you own nihonto taikan or kanzan koza? Or maybe kotetsu kiyomaro book?
  8. I didn't want to share anything prior to owning Adam it wasn't really a secret. I knew what the translation to the mei on the wakizashi was. Just had no clue about the kogatana and koshirae
  9. We all know decent swords cost decent money there's absolutely nothing cheap about nice pieces. 10-15k honestly will buy you a mid entry sword that mid level. Collecting nice swords is never cheap unfortunetly and there's also risk involved when buying swords like that are bringback with no papers. But those that don't risk can sit home and eat bread and butter while those that do will eventually sip louis the 13th
  10. Correction 2500 pounds that's about 4k roughly I suppose yes you can buy a low end sword for that amount.
  11. I'm not sure if you guys are aware of what smith tamaki is? This was the early mei of kiyomaro. Just saying. Regardless of mei I haven't seen many signed and dated kogarasu Maru wakizashi for 2500 then again I really haven't done any research on them and price of different Smiths that made similar pieces but either way 2500 won't buy you a mumei piece of junk truthfully
  12. If you find a tamaki signed and dated for 2500 please do your nihonto neighbor a favor and tell me about it ill buy 1 or 2 or how many ever you can get lol
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