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  1. I don‘t think is chinese made . I think is 関善定藤原xx (seki zenjou fujiwara XX)
  2. I guess period: Muromachi later school: Bizen smith: OSAFUNE XXXX
  3. I think you need more carefully. The sayagaki wrote : Ubu, TWO WORDS MEI.
  4. If not same person. why Tanobe sensei wrote “ HE SON :KINMICHI,YOSHIMICHI, RAI KINMICHI,MASATOSHI GO TO KYTO"
  5. two years ago. This yari made by Sumitani Masamin,copied 日本号(one of the Japanese famous yari)as a gift to SUZUKI KATEI ,He is the retired former head researcher of the Nippon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai (NBTHK)
  6. This book is muromachi ere Mino shcool Research.
  7. I also found some info from the book. These are the only two KATANA I found.Besides all tanto.
  8. In this sayagaki,Tanobe Michihiro sensei write This kanemichi is founder of the Mishina school. I think O-Daido and Kanemichi is the same person
  9. kanemichi AKA mutsu no kami daido. He was the founder of their Mishina School. You must have heard the names of his 4 sons.
  10. Thank for all reply ! Imperssive and Extremely detailed! I will put answer soon...
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