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  1. I don‘t think is chinese made . I think is 関善定藤原xx (seki zenjou fujiwara XX)
  2. I guess period: Muromachi later school: Bizen smith: OSAFUNE XXXX
  3. I think you need more carefully. The sayagaki wrote : Ubu, TWO WORDS MEI.
  4. If not same person. why Tanobe sensei wrote “ HE SON :KINMICHI,YOSHIMICHI, RAI KINMICHI,MASATOSHI GO TO KYTO"
  5. two years ago. This yari made by Sumitani Masamin,copied 日本号(one of the Japanese famous yari)as a gift to SUZUKI KATEI ,He is the retired former head researcher of the Nippon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai (NBTHK)
  6. This book is muromachi ere Mino shcool Research.
  7. I also found some info from the book. These are the only two KATANA I found.Besides all tanto.
  8. In this sayagaki,Tanobe Michihiro sensei write This kanemichi is founder of the Mishina school. I think O-Daido and Kanemichi is the same person
  9. kanemichi AKA mutsu no kami daido. He was the founder of their Mishina School. You must have heard the names of his 4 sons.
  10. Thank for all reply ! Imperssive and Extremely detailed! I will put answer soon...
  11. I will show Nakago tonight. If anyone want see any detail plz let me know.
  12. Hi. DoTanuki yokai. so. you think this is Bizen school and Shinto ?
  13. So happy and excited to get new collection. Guess waht is this...... just for funny. which period, which kuni,and which school.
  14. Kotetsu maybe born in A.D 1605 , and A.D 1678 passed away. At the age of 50 star to make katana(1655). Nagamichi born in A.D 1633, and A.D 1685 passed away.At the age of 26 used signature is "Mutsu Daijyo Miyoshi Nagamichi" And Nagamichi also have other nickname "AIZU MASAMUNE". So,maybe just same style to make sword.
  15. Sure, Just like Kiyomaro, We call him Yotsuya Masamune. when you see a real Masamune, you will know is different. Nickname, just for funny and praise. it doesn't mean same.
  16. Hi Jacques, yes, Tokubetsu Hozon Paper. Anyway, In a smith whole life, then will make alot katana, and There are differences in quality and style.
  17. Nagamichi have some different style. Anyway I show whole photo for you . and I also up some Video for this Nagamichi, just for clear to see
  18. Thanks for your advice,But I think I can't edit my post now ...
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