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  1. wow. I think Youtube is easy and frist.. If you want check this MOTOSHIGE , plz check this link
  2. Thanks for your advice....I will up to Youtube later!
  3. Sure....I also have a video, but I don't know how can show in forum...
  4. We call "Miyoshi Nagamichi" Aizu Kotetsu. So, How similar can they be?
  5. Location: Japan,TOKYO. PriceL 45,000USD (Include shipping) JUYO TOKEN 重要刀剣 Appointed on 17th Nov 2017 平成二十九年十一月十七日指定 Session 63 第六十三回重要刀剣 Katana:Mumei Motoshige 刀:無銘 元重 Period : Nambokucho (1336-1392) Nagasa(blade's length): 69.1 cm Sori : 1.6 cm Motohaba : 3.05 cm Sakihaba : 2.15 cm Kissaki length : 4.1 cm Nakago length : 20.2 cm Nakago : O-suriage Mumei, Two mekugiana. Nkkago Sori : 0.3 cm Form : Shinogi Zukuri(镐造) , Mitsu-mune (三ツ棟),wide mihaba with inconspicuous difference in the width of the motosaki, the sori is extremely shallow, Chu-kissaki. Kitae : Itame-hada(板目肌),Hadatachi(肌立), Ji-nie(地沸), Chikei(地景),mixed Jifu(地斑)producing Utsuri tachi(映り立). Hamon: Predominantly Suguha(直刃主調), Gunome(互の目), Ko-Gunome(小互の目) mixed Ashi(足), Yo(葉), Ko-nie(小沸), deep Nioi(匂深), Sunagashi(砂流し) Boushi :One side Midare-komi(乱れ込み)maru(丸)Kaeri(返り), the other side Ko-maru(小丸) Kaeri(返り)is round shape and Hakikake(掃掛). Horimono (彫物): Bohi(棒樋) and Soebi(添樋) of both sides. Bishu Osafune Motoshige The well known Motoshige's full name is Bishu Osafune Motoshige(備州長船元重), who is 'Nidai'(二代) (Second generation) of the Motoshige family actually, while the Shodai (初代)(First Generation) who is called Ko-Motoshige Nijimei(古元重二字銘). The "Ko-Motoshige" works were knowned in later Kamakura(鐮倉) period,while Nidai Motoshige was active in Nanboku(南北朝) era. Though Motoshige was a smith of the Bishu Osafune school, his style is slightly different from Kanemitsu(兼光) or Chogi(長義) in the same period. He were learnt from Aoe(青江) so that his pieces of works are influenced by Aoe's stlye a lot. That is the reason why some Motoshige works have the same Boshi(帽子) with Aoe's.(In this case). Also, Motoshige was known as one of the 'Sadamune no santetsu'(貞宗三哲), who were Disciples of Soshu Sadamune(貞宗) . The another two were Yamashiro Nobukuni(山城信国) and Tajima Hojoji Kunimitsu(但马守法城寺国光). So that we can see Ko-Bizen(古備前), Bizen Osafune(備前長船), Aoe(青江)and Soshu(相传) are all mixed together in one sword sometimes. That's why we say Motoshige's works are always in totally diffecent styles. Fujishiro(藤代) appraised Motoshige as Jo-jo saku (上々作) for his extremely superior quality of works. And Motoshige was one of the only fifteen smiths who were achieved the rating of Sai-jo O-wazamono(最上大業物) assessed by the professional cutting appraisers in Edo period for the supreme level of sharpness. The cutting prowess of Motoshige's blades are legendary.
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