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  1. I second this. Very helpful and professional.
  2. There has to be some kind of dishonest (fraudulent?) software the seller is using that drives up the bids on his items. It's just so weird and unbelievable that all of his stuff always gets so many bids. Just my opinion.
  3. I like that seller. And I like that wakizashi.
  4. BEAUTIFUL blade. I love absolutely everything about this, including the koshirae! Congratulations 👏
  5. Yes. Lesson learned. It was the first and hopefully the last time I do something preventable and stupid to one of my blades.
  6. I was cleaning a modern custom blade a few months ago, not really paying attention (watching a video at the same time tbh), and scratched the blade badly with the uchiko. And that was a very tough W2 tool monosteel blade. So, yeah... definitely caution and care needed before applying it to an actual nihonto.
  7. I prefer the term "craptana" myself... 🤔
  8. JH Lee

    New Acquisition

    Looks purdy to me~ <3
  9. JH Lee

    Slender Wakizashi

    Looks o-suriage to me. In the past, I would have shied away from such slender blades, but when they are well preserved, I have learned to appreciate their individual elegance.
  10. Not surprised this one went fast. What an extraordinarily low asking price for such a decent package!
  11. It's bad enough that the purveyors of craptana/chinatana continue to spread ignorance and dilute the market.... now they're just engaging in willful STUPIDITY out of greed.
  12. Congratulations! Becoming a father has been the best and most rewarding adventure of my life so far. Again, congratulations! I would absolutely liquidate my entire collection without hesitation to be able to give you your full asking price. But probably someone else with deeper pockets will snatch them up now.....
  13. Papers or not, it looks really gorgeous. The whole package. I would've paid 2800+ if I had the money.
  14. That might be among the most beautiful nihonto I have ever seen. Ever.
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