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  1. is has a korean Scabbard and handle mounts i suspect this is a Japanese blade in korean hardware which is rare but not cause for it's price
  2. micah

    bought this fuchi

    bpught this for a good price not sure about it though.Micah
  3. i dont think it was buffed it looks like a ww2 polish you can see the hada
  4. ok got the sword did not have a buffing wheel polish just a really old Scratched up polish
  5. i showed this in translation to get a name but i would like to know if would be possible to get a date on it the name is Efuju masayuki i think
  6. most habaki have space like that at least the one i have seen
  7. well dont have it in hand yet so cant really get better photos as of now but will when it comes i thought it looked muromachi has flaw but here is a full mune pic
  8. so bought this blade has bad polish looks like they took a buffing weel it has flaws etc but the nakago has not been messed with i believe this was a World War II bring back but cant date the blade looks muromachi but cant tell not trying to fix it but get a date on it hamon is slightly visible blade is tired but if i can get a rough date on it .Micah
  9. i bought this one dont have in hand just the sellers photos sorry if it is hard to read.Micah
  10. here are his new even worse Destruction to the sword im dying inside
  11. yes but it was still used so the person who carried it did not care i would not either like Dave said most of the blades are ones that where not good but still could be used does not bother me im not gonna use it if it was on a nice one i still would not care i still like the blade no matter what and most fukure are on the spine and wold not effect it if it was on the edge yes but it is on the shinogi
  12. the mounts to match the other i have seen the blade might not but the mounts could because the blade was added later and your right blade is in pretty bad condtion alot of higare cracks and a blister
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