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  1. i know it is beyond repair but does that look like a typical rebellion blade
  2. thats for sure they knew how to wrap back then i think my antique is tighter then any repro i have so i have a question would you think about the blade
  3. as someone said it was probaly made during the the kanbun era 1661-1673 the hamon almost non existent that sword has been polished Quite a few times the ha looks like it is getting thin
  4. more pictures lol i have been working so had hard time getting these posted .micah
  5. the one reason you know how hard it is to to guess were to drill a hole and if you miss you messed up month's work
  6. the problem i have is your asking for somthing that is hard because alot of swords have been shortend one way or another Either had it's mune-machi and ha-machi raised or has been cut and Signature wise you have to look because there are alot of them and that also depends your price as for Original mounts that is very rare for them to Survive for the original sword it is almost Impossible and if you are asking that you want the sword in it's Original Polish that's pretty rare also your asking quite a bit here at this point it is gonna be way over 10k. Micah
  7. so i got the sword today i can say one thing it very beautiful evevy thing is tight no saya rattle which i Expected for a 50 plus year old shirasaya blade is nice for what i paid for it
  8. well i got the sword it was in a fight a big one most likely the rebellion the saya was cut into the blade has a cut into the spine edge to edge hits it has been through alot as someone Mentioned they used there swords until it was done thats the case with mine it has been used to it's limit it does have a bend near the tip but cool piece of history i got it is poorly made it does have slag Inclusions and a blister and the cuts of course
  9. yea any value it had is gone he said he will learn how to sharpen swords with this sword i really hope he does not do it to another one
  10. here are some more pics.micah
  11. well he thinks the sword is not Finished lol. because he said it was not sharp Of course it's not probly a really old Polish on that sword im going to lose it if he does sharpen it.Micah
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