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  1. I'm still trying to figure that one out myself. I assume feel has something to with it. Would love to hear some more on this one myself!
  2. That metal work just isn't quality. Are they iron? copper?. Finer koshorie would have refined pieces on the saya. I have seen a few incredibley done koshirie with nanako and/or ishime on all parts. These just looked like they were hammered out and thrown on. I don't think a samurai would be proud to wear that. So I would agree that it is most likely tourist piece. I wouldn't even be surprised if it was chinese. That tsuba just looks like it was unnaturally aged? That's my guess. Kamakiri Ken
  3. tim, Much better! I know it is hard to wait, but with so much material out there, find what appeals to you. The nice thing about fittings is that the price tag is more reasonable to get something ok or decent. Not sure what you have for other fittings ie menuki and fuchi/kashira, but if you want them to match keep that in mind what you have to match some things are harder than others. Although the Japanese themselves don't neccesarily do that and there is nothing wrong with using different themes on your parts. One of the things that attracted me to the Mantis is that the legend behind it was interesting to me. I am at the extreme, of course. Remember that these pieces are also telling a story/depicting a legend. This was the way the samurai could express himself. Just another thing to consider when purchasing. We like to make things complicated (haha). Then again, it looks good is fine by me. For example, our boy Rich T is looking for those older iron pieces, he is looking for quality iron and well depicted pieces from certain schools (he of course can answer better of what he likes). We all have our tastes and ideas, however, most here will agree, don't buy junk. The tsuba on Aoi to me is light years ahead of your earlier posts. Then again who the heck am I (LOL). Good luck with it and post a picture when you are finished. All the best.
  4. tim, I think at least 1 and 3 may be cast or of poor quality. Not sure about the 2nd one. Not sure where you are seeing these but I would suggest looking at some high quality tsuba so you can get a better look at what quality or excellent execution can look like. MFA (musuem of Fine arts in boston has some online). Not sure if you have been to Jim Gilbert's site, a must read. Rich Stein has a lot links to help. Of course the best site is mine (haha) There are so many variations, but I think you can online get a sense of what doesn't at least look real or is "crap". I don't very often and haven't handled anywhere near enough to tsuba to have an appreciable knowledge, but I have noticed a slight improvement in noticing the junk. Actually owning a few higher quality pieces has helped. In sum ways sukashi work and kinko work are different worlds. But the basic defining qualities of excellence are similiar. Someone will have to chime in since I can't remember the exact name of the book but it is a translation by Robert Haynes of tsuba expert which covers most major schools. I think the Northern California Japanese Sword Club sells it. The introduction relates what you should look for in quality and at least gives a framework. Then looking at better pieces will help fill in some gaps. Sorry got off point abit but I think my suggestions as confusing as they may read would be helpful. To sum up I should have just said, avoid those. Not to be self promoting, but if you look at my site there are a few quality examples to look at as well as some lower quality. Most somewhere in between. http://www.freewebs.com/kamakiriken/index.htm Hope this helps or at least when someone disagrees with me a discussion evolves that helps. Boy am I long winded today. I'll stop.
  5. Quality. From understanding, if a blade has some of the qualities but not entirely, they will go with the lesser school or those characteristics may in fact matchup to bungo which copied from Bizen but because of steel, skill, school secrets, etc didn't get it right. Attributing blades of lesser quality is extremely hard if not impossible. Swords may be attributed to a school but it must display characteristics of the smith to obviously be attributed to a smith. Lesser blades don't have the activities, steel qualities, shapes, etc to do this. Given that your sword has some characteristics at least there is something to enjoy.
  6. I would think there would be much more quality put in to a tachi tsuba. Look around the outer edges. They are uneven. Around the seppa dai looks like no use and is poorly done. My bet is chinese. No matter what, it is of poor quality, not worth buying IMHO.
  7. HI all, I actually recently talked to Joe Earle, he wrote MFA most recent book etc. . Nice guy and they are heavily committed to putting their entire collections online. From the brief conversations and knowing what it takes just to do my junky photos this is a major undertaking. Joe really wants people to be able to appreciate the tsubas, etc. I suggested doing something with the JSS/US, etc to build awareness of their site and projects. Who knows the politics behind the scenes. Also got the feeling that there is a short staff overwhelmed by what needs to be done. I'm sure that is the problem at most musuems.
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