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dealer LWarmor/Renbu from Chiba


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  • Yves changed the title to dealer LWarmor/Renbu from Chiba
4 hours ago, uwe said:

He is trustable, as far as I know.
Some fellow collectors bought from him without any hassle….

Thank you Uwe. 


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I bought many things from him in the past and have also visited his shop. He answers in mail contact. He even found me a Bamen school koboshi. Never had a problem. Some items nowadays sometimes look like they had a ”touch up”



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He tried to force a sale on me pretending to have another buyer. Although this could be the case it usually has the adverse affect on me. I let it go. 
It's not the first one who tried this trick. 

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rule Nr 1:  gather enough knowledge to  judge items, 

rule Nr2:   if you are unsure, ask someone more knowledgeable for help.

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Yves, what I want to say is you have to be cautious all the time.   Even a trustworthy dealer can make a mistake

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