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Early Type 94 Fujiwara Kanenaga Taiseiko steel


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A very early example of an original Type 94, with rarely seen features like pinned Kabutogane and Tsuba retained with screws. Original 2nd hanger, gloss Saya, and thick pierced Tsuba. Stainless steel blade is in very good condition, with a only a small ding near the Kissaki. For a non-traditional blade the overall polish and forging are first class. Included is a field grade tassel.


Fujiwara Kanenaga was a swordsmith, metallurgist, and artisan who pioneered the usage of stainless steel in Japanese swords during the 1920's & 30's. Below are the best articles available, full credit to Malcolm Cox and Ohmura. 




Mei reads:


Fujiwara Kanenaga saku

"Made using anti rust steel"
藤原 兼永


Nagasa: 64cm

Sori: 2cm

OAL: 98cm

Price: SOLD










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Nice Gunto, stainless steel = less worries with maintenance = less worries with display area environment/conditions.

Definitely nice option for military swords collectors. Good luck with your sell! 

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I too had a Kanenaga (my namesake) very early in my collecting career (>25 years ago). Was unhappy when I learned that it was not considered a "true" samurai sword. It had bohi, and a small mon carved into the shinogi-ji on one side, just below the start of the hi. I sold it at a sword show, don't recall the dollars involved, but I would doubtless ask considerably more for it today.

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