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Fitted paulowinia wood box for Kozuka?


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I was wondering where people source their fitted (made to fit by recessed (denting) the internal base) wooden storage boxes for a Kozuka?


I have already contacted Token Bijutsu Kogeisha but they do not make 'fitted' boxes - they just provide standard boxes with elastic securing straps (see images below). 


Can anyone suggest to whom I can contact to help me out.?




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1 hour ago, Steves87 said:

hi Leon, It can be a difficult task finding a source. There is a document from Ford Hallam to make your own.  Have a look, it may be something you enjoy having-a-go with.




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13 hours ago, Andi B. said:

Hi, I can recommend the great instructions from Paul Kremers' website tsuba.info.



So I upgraded some of my old boxes...







...but if paulownia wood is available, it's not so difficult to make them too:













      Having fitted boxes and shifuku made in Japan is quite expensive. Mailing and agent fees have risen a good bit after the Pandemic. I don't think people realize how much expense that tacks on to an item.

For it to be cost effective, I only do so about every 2 years: usually with one or two friends joining in. If sending to shinsa in Japan, best to have the boxes made then.


As I get more to the high TH and low Juyo end of the spectrum, most come with papers, fitted box, and shifuku.

Heaven knows when I will have more fitted boxes made, though I have two good ones out of the woodwork in the last year that will eventually need a higher end box.




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