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Another one for Piers

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Recently, I visited the Berlin SAMURAI Museum. A lot to see, and all nicely presented so that I absolutely recommend going there. Inspite of all good things, some items were presented in a wrong way (bows strung on the frontside, spelling mistakes on the information tables, YARI shown in a throwing position a.s.o.). I have informed the people there who will correct these mistakes.

A special item was the 440 MONME hand gun - ideally used as a concealed weapon by a NINJA..... 

440 MONME gun in the SAMURAI-Museum Berlin 030.jpg

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Thank you kindly, Jean. The museum sounds like a definite place to visit. Glad you were able to adjust some of their fantasies!!! :laughing:

If a 100 Monmé is a rare beast, then anything larger than that is quite special. There was a time in Edo when people vied for larger hand-held cannons. You sometimes come across references to 一貫目 Ik-kan-mé, which is 1,000 Monmé which must surely have been the upper limit, the ball being almost 9 cm in diameter. 

My chart here goes up to 5 Kan, but that would be for a ‘hand’ cannon resting on a wheeled carriage.


I cannot imagine anyone firing without a support/rest; a 100 Monmé blank is usually fired squatting or kneeling and even then it’s an art, a test of mettle. I don’t recall ever seeing one being fired from a standing position.


On Sunday June 12 I accepted the challenge (do not ask), rammed it tight, and (left hand bound to the barrel) fired the 50-Monmé standing up, but it nearly knocked me off my feet, even a blank. 926 grains blackpowder.






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