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Late Edo Katana

Edward Mahle

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Hello NMB members I have for sale a stunning long and thick late Edo Katana in great condition/polish. I believe it to be the work of a Gassan sword smith by the name of Kensaishi Sadahru active between 1866-1868. It does come with a judgement paper from Japan but it is not at the rankings of the famous NBTHK-NTHK. On another note do I believe that they came to this conclusion at random absolutely not. I have 5 reason why I strongly believe it to be the work of a Gassan swordsmith

1. Tight masame hada

2.long nagasa that is over 28inchs long

3.gunome hamon

4.bo-hi accompanied by soe-hi

5.gentle curvature


These are all features that can be attributed to the famous Gassan school of the late Edo period. All that aside I do not have it priced as a Gassan sword I have it priced as a gorgeous long Nihonto in really good condition with a beautiful koshirae Has a few extremely light scratches missing the mekugi peg and that is it. Boshi is intact everything fits as it should it's definitely the complete package for half the price of a NBTHK Gassan katana. 5100$ or best offer.


Sincerely Edward.




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