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How do I clean an old sword bag?


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Greetings Gentlemen,


I have this vintage sword bag that came with a wakizashi and it has the smell of age and attics.  I'd like to give it a wash but am unsure what would be safe.  Perhaps just a cold water wash and air dry?  Are soaps inadvisable or alright?  I honestly can't tell what material it is.


Below is photos of the sword bag.





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If you have an experienced dry cleaner you trust and have a good relationship with, you might want to talk to them.  I had a sports jersey that was signed, but needed cleaning and was worried the signature would get ruined, but after a discussion with the owner, he assured me he could handle it.  Same for an expensive silk fukusa that was stained with matcha.  An experienced cleaner should be able to evaluate material and give you a pretty good idea if they are comfortable cleaning it.

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Thank you guys, dry cleaning it is.  I've got two near me and I'll bring it by and see which one seems to be able to handle it with the most confidence.


Stephen, appreciate the link!  If the dry cleaning fails I might have to give one fo these techniques a go.

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