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Sweet Wakizashi by Yokoyama Sukekane. SOLD

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Hi folks,

1st, let me say thank you to all who have had such nice things to say about me in the thread above; don't know if I deserve it but it is appreciated.

Now I would like to introduce you to a sword that has been consigned to my website:


This is a 50.4 cm wakizashi signed and dated Bizen Kuni Osafune Ju Yokoyama Sukekane Saku. Kimi Banzai. Tomonari Go Ju Hachi Dai Mago (58th generation). Kaei Shichi Nen Hachi Gatsu Hi (August of 1854).  I'll post a few pictures here but please click the link to my site for all the dimensions, hada & hamon, and to see pictures of every inch of the blade.

Sukekane was a bright light in the Yokoyama group of smiths working in the Bizen tradition in Shinto and Shinshinto and this wakizashi is a very fine piece from the smith.  As I mention in my listing, occasionally I come across a sword that speaks to me, demands attention; this is one of those.

My price is SOLD, which, if you think about it, isn't a lot more than the cost of polish, shirasaya, habaki, and paper.

If you are interested or need more information please contact me by email through my site, not with personal message here.  Thanks for stopping,  Grey









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Hi Jan,

Depends what you mean by relative.  The date I have for Yokoyama Sukenobu is 1673; Sukekane worked in the 19th century and is thought to have been an adoptive son of Sukenori.  So both Sukenobu and Sukekane are smiths of the Yokoyama group, it is very unlikely that they were blood relatives, and how closely they are related by family I don't know.  They are related by School.

Hope this helps,  Grey

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Jan, I have some work here with a family tree that may help to sort that out, if I can get around to translating it. You are talking about two Sukenobu swordsmiths around Tempo, one who also made matchlocks. There was a line of Yokoyama smiths who stayed with swords, and a different line who produced guns, but they do seem to be related.

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To all who think about this one...


Please note: this is a healthy and flawless wakizashi. And it is as good as shinshinto gets - you have an excellent school, the sword is an absolute beauty (look at those choji), it comes with oshigata and of course  NBTHK Hozon, all  this for a very attractive price. 


Last not least - Grey is one of the few great gentlemen (old school in the best sense of the word) of the nihonto world. 

Whoever buys this sword, will be very happy!



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