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So begins a daisho project.

Two Chu-Mihara blades, both very similar in features and both from same relative time period. The sori is certainly more extreme on the wakizashi but both show Mihara features very prominently. Both in pretty good shape; they could both use a polish but they're not bad at all. Most of the specks you're seeing are dust etc that I wiped off afterwards.

Both Hozon, purchased separately.

A family reunion!

Forgive the poor pictures! Quick snapshots.



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I liked that as it shows the excitement and cheer at the beginning of the project.


The hair pulling out and tears follows in a year or so. 




Well I believe tsuba will be easy, but FK / menuki may be much tougher....lol.

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Great, keep us updated. 


I'm also pursuing a daisho project. 


Finding matching fittings from the same school (same maker for the masochists...) with a matching theme is the REAL struggle. I have returned to Japan recently and I did the grand shop marathon. And I didn't find everything I wanted despite the relatively common theme / school (Goto or Kyo/Scenes of the Gempei war). 


Then even IF you find a piece that fits your need, it may be grossly overpriced depending on the business model of the shop. (Boutique style). 


Now I'm just hoping for dealers to email me. And it's easy to forget such a request. 


I expect it will take me at least two more years... 



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My issue is not only that I have very specific aesthetic criteria, but I'm trying to square that with learning as I go along. For example, since my collecting focus is armour, I'm naturally drawn to katchushi tsuba, but also other unusual/"kawari" motifs like skulls, worm-eaten wood, etc. and wondering if such motifs are "correct" for the blades that I have. Then there are the questions about having koshirae made, etc.. My blades aren't important but I would like to complete them without spending an arm and a leg.

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one, unless your post is really relevant and adds to the topic..

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