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Could some one please translate the Kanji on this Shirasaya


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I'm a bit confused here. Was this also on eBay, and if so...does this seller list on both sites and then cancel one if it sells on the other? Or did the final seller buy it on bidders and then list it on eBay? Or.......?


Lists on both sites I believe. Seems to be quite a common business practice with Japanese sellers.

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The seller had it listed in Japan for sale and also on ebay, this would be my 3rd sword from him.


Never bought one with the Kanji written on the shirasaya like that before.


And I dont read Japanese, if it was in German, that's a little different now.


Curious, do they write the swords info on the outside of the sword as a sellers tool to sell it, since this one is signed, and has papers with it also.



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The writing on the saya is called a saya-gaki and usually includes the mei, length, and other notes about the sword that the owner or appraiser deems important enough to note. At the bottom is usually the name of the person who wrote the sayagaki. As said, they are usually done by an appraiser or the owner. When done by an appraiser it is akin to a kantei-sho. When done by the owner, it is usually for convenience- one knows what is inside without opening the shirasaya. There are many fake sayagaki signed with famous appraiser's names.

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