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  1. I would really appreciate it if anyone has dealt with the before, was it good or bad. They seem okay. Any, and all info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Company in question ; http://armsandantiques.com/about-us
  2. And it's only $ 4900.00 WOW, I will be calling them this week.. I love that blade... Thanks..
  3. Yeah, from the research I've done online. I don't think it was an Naginata at birth either. I think it was born as an Wakizashi also.
  4. Yes, I tend to read CM, instead of inches sometimes. My apologies.. Here is an sketching I did to show the Hamon, as its really hard to see in the pics. I hope this works for all to see.
  5. Brian I posted pics above with the tape measure on the blade. How else should I change it. It is an inch ruler.
  6. I just got this Wakizashi this week. Better then what I thought, very heavy and thick and robust meaty blade, beautiful black rust on the Nakago. And to make it better, it has a great O-Kissaki tip on it. I could not be more happier with it. It's going to need a Shirasaya, and not sure if I want to send it off for a full polish, it has plenty of polish for me, beautiful Hamon, and great Hada. Really nicely detailed Habaki also. The blade is Mumei, unsigned, and I believe it to be from the Shinto Era. The total length is 20.5 inches total. The width of the blade is slightly over 3.5 inches, close to 4 inches. I just need the tag that is glued on the Tsuka translated now. Of course I had to properly clean it. An very knowledgeable person said the following about it; His Impression is that this may be a Sue-koto sword rather than Shinto. The blade has a wide mihaba and a pronounced saki-zori. There are pools of mokume in the middle of the ji. I would guess that this a sword that is related to Soshu, such as Tsunahiro. The mokume placement is also a trait of Shitahara; Thanks..
  7. This tag is attached to an shirasaya. I was told that it has the ownership person(s) info on it, from when swords were confiscated in Japan at the end of the war. Please any, and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks..
  8. The Blade is signed though, not Mumei. I'm just now rebuilding my collection, and it seemed like a good start.
  9. I've learned a lot over the past years, and still need to keep reading, studying blades, and take in as much as possible. I'm just now able to start collecting again after my stroke last year, that really set me back big time.. Thanks..
  10. I've seen some items that should have went for big money, but because it was worded wrong, or wrong category it sold for almost nothing. I really thought it would have sold for more, as I was willing to pay more for it.
  11. Thanks Guys. I'm very happy with it, I could not believed I was able to get it. I'm going to start looking for an Wakizashi signed / made by the same smith.
  12. YES, always exciting... I was so excited to see it show up... Very happy and satisfied with it.
  13. It showed up in the mail yesterday, much better then what I was hoping for. The smith is Sanetada / Bizen school. The Hada, and Hamon is absolutely beautiful. Gold foiled wrapped Habaki. Perfectly done Shirasaya. The Certificate is by Kobayashi Yukinobu of Juho-Token-Kenkyukai. (the Former Executive director of NBTHK).
  14. I'm just curious about the certificate that comes with it, its not NBTHK papers.. But they do come signed by a Former Director of NBTHK.
  15. I do that all of the time, your right, it's slightly under 12 inches. I never see the centimeters part. Thanks Jean. Still a beautiful blade...
  16. Muromachi-period. Koji-era(1555-1558) Wakizashi... Hacho(Cutting edge length): 29.4cm Sori: 0.4cm Motohaba: 28mm Motogasane: 5mm Signature: Sanetada Tsukuri: Shobu-zukuri Iori-mune Jihada: Mokume Hamon: Midareba Nakago: Ubu in Shirasaya, I recently bought this, I really love the looks of it. The Japanese permit has been turned in, and has been shipped to me from Japan. It has a recent full polish, it comes with Certificate by Kobayashi Yukinobu of Juho-Token-Kenkyukai. (the Former Executive director of NBTHK).. I will post more pics when it shows up. Thanks.
  17. I have a chance to buy an papered tanto with the original Koshirae, and an Shirasaya also. I might have to sell this Nihonto Ken / Yari to purchase it, as its quite a bit more then what I have to work with right now. If I was to offer this one for sale, what would be an good asking price on it ? I never like to sell, only buy, but I really want this one Tanto really bad. Thanks.. Brian
  18. WoW, only $ 7933.00 U.S. dollars.. That's an bargain..
  19. On mine, they would had to reshape the Nakago, the Ha-Machi and the Mune-Machi for it to be in the Ken shape that it is in now. Most Yari's I have looked all seem to have the rounded and tapered end for it to fit flush with the pole / Nagaye. Just my input..
  20. Page 205 on the link mentioned above is really cool.
  21. I would love to know what each section says, and means on the paper. Thanks...
  22. More pics for viewing.. I thought the piece of paper that came with it, was supposed to have stayed in Japan.. This is so much better viewing in person..
  23. Here are three more pics I didn't know I had I my email. Hope these help with size. Thanks
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