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  1. Ok. Working on it. My mistake, I thought around 15% of you were miracle workers. Warmest regards, Jon B
  2. Many thanks Geraint, I follow. Worth asking for input though, given the expertise around. Mumei suriage Wakizashi...uphill work.....
  3. Many thanks in advance folks, any hints based on shape appreciated.. . Under the scratches, hamon looks to have large notare towards tip. I think.. Warm regards, Jon B
  4. Once again, many thanks Ray. Much appreciated.
  5. This time papers, many thanks in advance. Prospective purchase. Warm regards, Jon B
  6. http://www.elysee.ch/en/visits-and-tours/accessibilite/photographies-a-toucher/photoglob-zuerich-barque-on-lake-geneva-1896/
  7. Thank you Jean. I am at least near a lake.
  8. Many thanks in advance from an over-heated European continent. Warm regards, Jon B
  9. Many thanks in advance O learned ones. Warm regards, Jon
  10. Thanks Jussi, good thread. Good contributions and thoughts guys, have been pondering the blades vs. fittings life-cycles recently.
  11. Not really had time to take pics. Wakizashi.
  12. Réponse à la vitesse éclair...merci Maurice!
  13. Any translation assistance much appreciated. Wakizashi, overall length 27" (67 cm). Thanks in advance, Jon
  14. Thanks Chris and JP, your input much appreciated. Yes, the chiselling is strange. Not a miracle of good preservation there. Sorry for the rather basic questions, not got much experience with earlier pieces.
  15. Any comments on possible era?
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