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  1. Another mei pic with a comparison
  2. Thread kindly moved by Brian from translation section to nihonto section. Am I right in thinking this piece has good potential? I am not a Shin-shinto collector, but it seems this may be good.
  3. Uwe, many thanks for info.
  4. Pics come up at different angles to what I want..oh well
  5. Thank you Uwe, can you tell me more?
  6. Uwe, what do you think?
  7. I bought unseen, based on pic of sugata and ok tsuba.
  8. Thank you Steve. It's Sat AM, pre-coffee, grasping the situation.
  9. Found in Gunto mounts, good fittings
  10. "X X shu Shitahara Hachiro Fujiwara Masa X saku" (?) From a learned advisor..
  11. Many thanks in advance! Sincerely, Jon
  12. Thank you for the input guys. I like this piece alot, but I may pass it on as I was aiming for something earlier when I was studying it pre purchase. Got me well interested in the Tegai school though...
  13. Some more pics.. Starting to like this piece alot. Hard to explain, different to pieces I have looked at before. Looked at some Tegai pieces on the net. Can see similarities.
  14. Ok. I will set to with some uchiko and do some more pics. It seems the blade has a vaguely bluish hue.
  15. Hello All, This blade was in gunto mounts, remains of gold wash on copper habaki, silver foil layer over that. Nagasa: 24.4" Overall: 30.5" Nagasa looks to have originally been at least 28". Are we looking at Kanbun? i.e. relatively little sori. Or if it was considerably longer previously, is the original sori harder to visualise? Many thanks in advance for any advice, I will look to take better pics, this is a query to steer my research direction. My initial impression is that this may be Koto, and is of good quality, but I don't trust my opinions yet, and cannot really justify them. Warm regards, Jon B, no sloop
  16. Motohaba: 2.7 cm Sakihaba: 2.0 cm Motokasane: 0.6 cm Sakikasane: 0.4 cm Nakago: 14 cm Blade: 50 cm
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