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  1. A 'no kami', and a 'daijo' ?????? Hummmmm??
  2. Hummm?, Not sure there were a lot of "no Kami" signatures on Koto swords. Were there? The sword looks well used, but Imho it looks good for that price. Nice get! Mark
  3. Awesome. Just seems like yesterday we were making those darn turnips A wonderful talent. Great job Kevin. Mark G
  4. The flaw was never mentioned????? WTF? Mark G
  5. Welcome ?, Nice start. Love Dragon tsuba of any kind. Don't forget to sign your posts. Mark G.
  6. Hi Gary, Welcome. I love Bungo Tomoyuki swords. I have had quite a few, and still do. Yours, to me, looks like a late Shinto period, long, Wakizashi. Or perhaps early Shin-Shinto. Your sword looks very nice. Do you have any full length pics? Congats, on your new sword. Mark G
  7. While I am sure there are those who likely know more. I would think, the most obvious reasons would be: 1. Metal was more precious, the further you go back. It takes a good chunk of raw iron/steel, to make a 5mm thick tsuba. Believe me, I know!! 2. Swords were lighter. A thicker tsuba may throw off the balance. There may be many other reasons. But these seem the most likely. Mark G
  8. Hi Bruno, Wow, I just got mine out, and looked at them close. They look like they could have been made by the same guy. Or at least the same house. I have thought about restoring mine. I have found the right coral. Haven't been brave enough, or had the time to try it yet. They are very pretty. Your tsuba looks great!!! Mark G viewtopic.php?f=2&t=4726
  9. WOW!! That 2nd one is wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing. Great pics! Mark
  10. That! Is a beautiful tsuba. Thanks for sharing. Mark
  11. Very nice!!!! Thanks for sharing. Mark
  12. Wow! That sure is a bummer. I fought beside him in a battle at Gulf Wars. We both had on our pretty samurai rigs. We spent every 'hold', talking swords. I got up with him later that night, and we talked swords most of the night. Seemed like a great guy. He was very helpful, and free with his vast knowledge, of all things Japan. Sad new. Mark
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