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  1. Uwe, do you have any suggestions for the second kanji character? I looked through the Haynes Index and found nothing
  2. Thank's a lot Steve ! I could not find anything close for the "art nam" and second kanji (宗?) Munetaka in artist name. I don't have such a Munetak in any of my books
  3. Kinko tsuba, Please help me translate this mei. Thank.s !
  4. Thank,s a lot ! The mei inside the gold cartouche says 乗意 Jо̄i - compare to this one
  5. I need help translating the signature on the tsuba and reading the kinzogan seal from next tsuba.
  6. yogoro

    Yamakichibei Tsuba

    ang grayscale photo
  7. yogoro

    Yamakichibei Tsuba

    I recently bought a dragonfly tsuba signed by Yamakichibeie, dimensions around 83x80 mm, a similar work was presented by Steve in this thread, I wonder if it's a work done by Norisuke or a later generation YKB,
  8. Propably Akasaka or Myochin , the same motif : haze ( kasumi ) in positive silhouette at daybreak below .Left to right : Akasaka , Tosa Myochin Ki Toshio and Myochin Nobuyoshi .
  9. yogoro

    New Year Tsuba

    Yes , is Wakamizu kumi (New year event) theme tsuba. Similar tsuba made by Tamagawa Masaharu with seal signed in gold takazogan .62 x 59 x 4 mm
  10. Hi Roger ! Your tsuba is made in the style of soten, These tsuba were very popular and most works in the style are imitation , often poor quality made by shiiremono makers in late Edo . Examples - tsuba Soten I / II generation and two later works in the style.
  11. Thank you for all comments .It could be a later copy , tsuba is surely slightly thinner : hight 75 mm width 73 mm rim thickness : 4,3 mm , center - seppa 4,9 mm. The first tsuba with an irregular shape with a pine motif has very good iron and can actually be attributed to Tosa Myochin. Akasaka's earlier work has a different iron. I'm not a master of photography, sometimes the scan gives more details. Below is a reference to good tsuba (steel) Tosa Myochin and Akasaka and inregular shape pine tsuba with gold inlay
  12. First tsuba is pictured in Torigoye's "Tsuba Kanshoki" 1975 Edition on page 151,described as first Nishigaki Kanshiro ,has hakogaki by K.Torigoye.
  13. However the first tsuba is Nishigaki Kanshiro, not Akasaka, I will add better photos later
  14. Next pair, Higo Nishigaki Kanshiro first generation and Akasaka or another school .
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