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  1. If you had an estimated price range for one of them, what could you price it? Not that I want to sell it, more so out of curiosity.
  2. Wow, I didn't know that! That's really cool! I didn't think it was that rare.
  3. I heard late war guntos like these are more rare and collectible, I never do plan on selling the sword ever, but how rare and collectible is this gunto?
  4. Do they ever paper guntos? I don't believe they do unless they're gendai, or other traditional swords. But I do plan on making a list of all the information I've gathered and print it out to have.
  5. If I ever were to get the handle off, I'd honestly just go to a nihonto expert. While something can still go wrong with that, it's better than me doing it. But I think I won't anyway, since I really don't want to take a risk with a family heirloom.
  6. There is a number on the saya the last I checked and the last time I've actually held the sword in hand was in Christmas when I went over to my grandparents house, and I don't think I'll take the handle off now realizing the risks of it. But I will look the next time I go over!
  7. Is it safe to remove the handle to expose the nakago? I also want to check the condition to be able to get a heads-up. But I thank you for your time! I'll do a good amount on Jinsen Arsenal tonight!
  8. Someone had said the blade mark looks fake? The lighting isn't the greatest to be fair, but could the blade mark possibly be fake?
  9. http://imgur.com/gallery/QqvxqouI Made a post ages ago with bad quality pictures, but now I was able to get them in a better quality. How would I be able to see the nakago. The mekugi pin as well, but not only the screw pose problems for me. I've never taken either of them out ever. This sword is at my grandparents house so when I do get photos of the nakago it'll be a bit from now. Any information is welcome
  10. My grandparents who are in possession of the sword currently are out of town and will be for a bit, so I sadly can't get more photos until then. Sorry for the bad quality also!
  11. Story: My great grandfather served in WW2 in Okinawa and took home this gunto, any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance! http://imgur.com/gallery/x64aWTW
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