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  1. Was wondering what this tang has inscribed. Is it a mei and body cutting test? Naming the purchaser, just mei and date? or perhaps also naming the polisher? Thank you in advance for sny help. I apologize but this is the best photo I can get and I tried to make the kanji more legible.
  2. Here's an interesting hot stamp ww2 blade signed Tadahiro in kai gunto mounts with a family mon. Not sure what the hot stamp means.
  3. Ok, so nijimei Tadamitsu does exist. I agree the dragon horimono looks a newer style and I cant make out any detail of it in the photos provided. Could be a cross eyed and bucktoothed dragon for all I know. The other side's bohi (would that be classified as a bohi or horimono?) does look more of period. It is research while I mull over purchasing it. I must admit to a mindset on smaller blades being less "bang for buck" but I wouldn't mind having literally one. This one might satisfactorily cover both the tanto and wazikashi category for me...eventhough I know it wouldn't be classified as a tanto; its not far off. Never actually held a tanto or wazikashi in hand to see how they feel and what I think about them. Do they also have a powerful elegance feel?
  4. I'm told this mei reads Tadamitsu and is Bizen. I can't seem to also find a koto Tadamitsu that signed with only two Kanji. Also the tsuba is signed but to me looks quite modern. Wondering on thr accuracy of the mei translation and opinions on authenticity. Dont have any better photos or a complete tang photo. Also my gut says this was a shortened sword. The cutting edge is 14" but the tang seems quite long.
  5. John (great name, also my middle name), Thank you so much for posting that! Especially since the chainmail was original to it. Finally gives me a comparative example! I knew there had to be others. I bet if we measured the space between the holes to the bottom of the mounting plates they would be nearly identical to mine. The holes on mine also look identical to the size and spacing of your hanbo. Really cool piece John. Uwe, the back layer of chainmail while more intricate also seems thinner while the top layer is made with thicker links. Thats probably characteristic of the two styles you mentioned.
  6. Uwe, yeah, I'm still not convinced about the tare being original either. I did think the hole size/layout pointed to it being the original tare (or chainmail like it) due to how the holes are. Also I am convinced the chainmails are also quite old and of period. However, if there is a tare string version that uses small holes of that size/layout to fasten to the menpo, than that nullifies all proofs the little holes provide for me. I'd have to end with a possibly but probably not. (I've seen photos of laced tares with more holes but I haven't been able to see the size of them). I also haven't been able to find another example like this menpo/tare combo which to me is not a good thing.
  7. Got the menpo. Happy with the purchase, the chainmail has officially grown on me. Next up is finish the stand and combine it with the armor. Ill post finished pictures since I like how the yoroi stand design will come out. Heres photos of the "Tetsuji Kurourushinuri Resei MENPO Chain Tare Japan Original Edo Armor Antique" menpo. Read the mustache style can represent the samurai, his personality, make youthful warriors appear older and even how many battles he fought. Wonder what a mustache like this says.
  8. Luc, it does look an odd pairing. I can't find other examples to really compare if this kind of "style" has been done with more "style". Personally, I actually prefer this double layer of chainmail over the chainmail+cloth variation. Just reminds me too much of a baby bib. I also have to wonder how effective this double chainmail is compared to traditional tare and chainmail+cloth. Also wonder if it has any benefits to something such as movement during running/battle. Once I have the menpo in hand ill take some close ups of the chainmail to better illustrate but their technique for linking is quite artistic. Im still a bit torn on its design but the more I look at it, the more I like it. Might be buyee bias.
  9. Uwe, please let me know if you find anything about the chainmail tare. You can tell the menpo has a very different tare hole attachment system than the menpo with chainmail+cloth. This one has many smaller holes punched in while the other menpo chainmail+cloth have fewer larger holes. So that possibly weighs in to this being originally designed to connect straight to the double layer chainmail.
  10. Uwe, its appreciated and why I asked, its ebay and not from a member. Opinions/observations while purchasing is when they are most valuable rather than after for a newbie. Yeah, I noticed that the whole mid section of holes/metal that fastens to the tare is gone and turned to dust. Would have to assume whats left of it isn't in the best shape as well. Matches the armor condition wise. Both are poor creatures. Does the hair look replaced to you? Looks newer to me. Also wonder if the tare is original. I looked up how they connected chainmail and this matches the edo styles but may be easily reproduced these days...I have no idea. How common were chainmail tares? I've read accounts of it but haven't seen other examples like this one which might not be a good thing. Saw others with chainmail over cloth like this one: https://www.aoijapan.com/menpo-mumei-unsigned/ I also like this menpo but its fully made of wood; a kind of folk armor perhaps: https://www.aoijapan.com/menpo-mumei-unsigned-2/
  11. I have also been looking for a menpo to add to this suit of armor and the armor stand i am building that is nearly completed. I think I am going to purchase this menpo. I have 1 day and 12 hours to make the decision on this one as I have an open counter with deadline on it. So its a brown laquered menpo from the edo period titled as "Tetsuji Kurourushinuri Resei MENPO Chain Tare". Has some age damage including some breaks and chips in the laquer and a little missing piece off an ear due to what looks like rust. The chainmail tare looks to be correctly linked as they did and possibly aged to the period. Its almost artistic how they linked the chainmail. I like the accent lines, the mouth shape, the teeth, the hair color and the tare style. So its not a perfect piece but its affordable and I do really like its look. I slightly prefer sleeker noses with strong lines over than the "bulbus" style but this one still works for me. I can't really tell but the mustache may be a replacement. Anyone here have any observations/advice on it? It would be about $800 after everything.
  12. Not quite what I was aiming for but I like it. Any opinions on this one?
  13. After looking at it really closely I'm going to say my armors color is actually black laquer and blue accents. The blue accent color tricked my eye. So that menpo above might really work. Is $580 too much for the above menpo? (Wish it had teeth) I'd be paying almost double for the menpo than I did for the armor but it appears they are more scarce so therefore the commanding price would be higher.
  14. Piers, the armor is some kind of navy blue laquer. So ill look for a menpo that has a navy blue string to match it. In terms of the kabuto I'm not so sure I actually want one. I almost like the idea of a floating menpo above the armor more, a bit more minimalistic. I will however keep my eye open for a kabuto and I prefer the simpler variations. I might however go for a matching pair of sode at some point as well.
  15. Piers, appreciate the insight. Ok ill widen my search and just look for one that has accent colors to match the armor set. That makes the menpo I posted above work a bit better actually. What would a fair price for the menpo above be? Perhaps I am undervaluing it with my offers.
  16. Barry, Yes, if possible. I think staying with the navy blue color for the menpo as well would be ideal. The color of first moments of dawn and the last of dusk. Black and red would also work for me. I'm open as long as they seem to match to me. I also don't mind one with a bunch of imperfections. That also matches the armor. Found this one I received a counter on but I'm not sure if its worth what they are asking.
  17. greetings, wondering if anyone has a blue menpo they are willing to part with.
  18. Ian, interesting that its got essentially an extender plate. Either its owner got bigger or it was just a standard issued piece and its last user was a bit bigger. I'm not a big guy (5'10 and 158 lbs) and without that extender it wouldn't fit me. I wonder if armor hinges and their dimensions were standardized or if youd have to make the extender plate to specifically match the armor. Bazza, the table does have some age but I'm getting it for $25 off Facebook marketplace so it can't be that great. If it seems really nice when I pick it up this evening ill take off the original top and make a new top for it. That way I could always reassemble the table to its original state.
  19. Ian, thank you very much for that information. I will do the super glue laquer fix and perhaps a choji oil wipe down on the exposed metal portions (?). I do want to figure out how to secure the lose part under the arm as it seems to affect the structure of the armor. John, appreciate your assessment as by explaining it I got to learn as well! Also,the dealer got it wrong too and they seem to specialize in these types of things. Uwe, just purchased a wool cloth per your suggestion and ill give it a good clean. After seeing how much yoroi stands are I am just going to build one. I'm going to use this claw foot table as a base. Cut a square hole in the top to stick a post down and make the top of a yoroi stand and see how it goes. I think it will turn out pretty sleek.
  20. Piers, want to get a somewhat matching menpo and go from there. I could see completing it becoming a side quest for me. Might be fun to kind of "build" a set.
  21. Wow, excellent. Thank you both for your responses. Interesting to learn its older than I thought and somewhat less common. I actually thought the condition was going to be identified as "quite bad" and I'd get some consoling or scolding for a foolish newbie purchase. So this is good news so far. Also just for documentation sake mogami do is: Mōgami dou (dō) - five-plate, four hinge (go mai) chest armours with solid lames which are laced with sugake odoshi instead of being riveted. Ubu in nihonto I believe means unshortened or "original state", what does it mean in the armor world? Original state/size as well? I'm guessing now since its mogami that if one of those sugake odoshi break the whole thing can fall apart and to repair would be quite a process. Noticed there is one "string" half split already in the front. Also, what do I use to clean it? Its got so many parts. The cloth..the laquer..and the exposed metal portions. I guess looking for suggestions on what to do with it to help it. Googling isn't very helpful with this.
  22. Not sure why some photos showed up sidways. Took a screenshot of my own photo, attached that file and it seemed to fix it.
  23. Right after my first nihonto purchase I foolishly thought I'd be happy with just the one sword. So with my first sword I hopped on ebay and started looking up Japanese antiques to perhaps create a little display. I stumbled upon the armors and put in an offer of $250 for this armor which they accepted (I didn't think they would) but it was also like $105 shipping. So in total I'm probably in it for something like $380 after tax. I know nothing about this market; am I in the hole on this piece? If yes I'm OK with it. Since then it has sat in a box for many months as I ended up taking a dive into nihonto purchasing a few more blades and I'm finally about to create that display. Wondering if anyone can share any knowledge on this armor. I thank you in advance for any responses I receive. Perhaps possible age? Just pulled up the email receipt from when I purchased it and the title was Mogami Dou of Yoroi: Edo. Anything I should look for on it? Also wondering if off the pictures theres any part I should do immediate repairs on? Is there suggested cleaning/repair items/products to use? I'm guessing this is a somewhat standard low end armor and in semi-rough shape. Im also guessing like nihonto buying a "fixer upper" ends up being more expensive to get in shape than just buying a nicer piece. Want to keep its flaws but "stabalize" it. Thanks again for any responses! Also I put it on and it actually fits me really well!
  24. Trystan, yeah from the website it mentions two students of Kanesane and included their mei as well whom also got to use the turtle hotstamp. Part of the Kanesane umbrella I suppose. From what I have been able to find I can't discern any techniques other than sometimes using yasuki steel that differentiates the Kanesane swords forging from other showato. Im guessing they had stronger internal specifications and standards within their foundry but I can't find evidence of any specifics. Obviously Kanesane had individually won awards/accolades so perhaps his knowledge alone guided to higher quality showato. I still want to see if any full gendaito or at least tamagahane/water quenced even if machine assisted Kanesane hot stamp swords exist. I have yet to see another hamon similar to the Kanesane example sword. Also haven't seen a sugu style and most are gunome variations.
  25. John, I won't be purchasing this sword, just find Kanesane interesting and I do love that little turtle hot stamp. I first had the impression that hot stamps usually mean "quality" and if not traditionally made than very close to. So its been a fun ball of twine to unravel with Kanesane. I've read conflicting reviews of Kanezane blades but the man does have lots of historical documentation and notices. Neil, whats the hamon look like on yours? That's one of the things I've found fun to compare.
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