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  1. https://ibb.co/album/grDMBF Got a seki stamp. Can anyone read the maker?
  2. I had to google kantei and it led me to this cool resource: https://to-ken.uk/resources/kantei.html
  3. Nice, thanks for the additional photos Luis! Looks like people asked for tang pics.
  4. I'll have to link it from a pc I think. Cant figure out how to share it off my phone from ended items in my watchlist off my phone browser or ebay app. It just finished yesturday and went from $400ish to $1400 in the last few minutes. Watched the ebay bidding drama unfold live.
  5. So as I learn about swords I watch ebay for fun to see what swords go for etc...this one is in kind of rough shape but the blade looks a bit unique and stirred up some interest. The sword ended up selling for $1425.00 and I was wondering what you guys see when you look at it. What you can perhaps tell about it. One interesting part of it as well was that the seller knew nothing of swords and never displayed the tang; perhaps people liked a good chance and a bit-o-mystery. What do you guys think it could be? I've attached a link to a gallery of pics from the ebay listing. https://ibb.co/album/f1mPyv
  6. Good advice, and I will do that. I lived in Japan for 7.5 years andd have a bit of exposure to these things but never stopped to take a hard look at this world of swords. When I do make my next sword purchase it will be down the line with me being a wiser man with a larger budget. Until then I will continue learning and I have two swords to master the caring process for.
  7. Well guys, this is addictive. Bought another katana but this one from ebay so hopefully didnt mess up. I think I'll stop here for a bit and see how it goes. Still buying on the lower end and if I buy one again I'll buy a minty blade. I really do like the ones with scars though.
  8. Waljamada is basically my name backwards. My first name is Adam. Apologize for the wrong terminology. I can tell its scratched and figured it to be the original owners name. Was hoping to know the name. Also I figure the 3 identifies the company/regiment he was in.
  9. The guy I bought it from owns a respected war relics store. He bought an entire collection from the wife of a life long collector of both military items but also Japanese swords who had passed away. So basically it was a passionate guys entire life long collection of swords. I would bet some of the swords could be something special. When I was there he had a few swords in the 1,500 to 1,800 range (one was a armory blade but worked on by a swordsmith that signed it with his mei) and then he had maybe 4 or 5 swords that he was researching the mei signatures but expected them to be in the 2,000 and ossibly way up range. The rest of the collection was the sword I bought and then a cavalry, parade and a diplomatic? sword. Hes sold the lower level stuff up to my sword and now hes left with the higher tier swords. He put one sword aside for himself. What I remember is one sword had the black naval scabbard and full mountings and the rest didnt have military mountings. They all had mei and conditions were generally much better than the blade I bought.
  10. Here us a link to it. Looking to know the original owners name. https://ibb.co/y09V5mb
  11. Ha arg ok, I'll take it back apart and post the pic in a few minutes. I regretted not taking a pic after I out the handle back on.
  12. Random side note, I took the sword apart since I just got thr choji oil in the mail and noticed under the spacers on the top of the guard itself it's original owner etched their last name in Kanji along with the #3.
  13. Here is a link to the naked katana top down view with no perspective. Or at least my best attempt at one. Also I included a picture of the back of the blade. Are most the backs flat or angled like a rooftop as on this sword? Hopefully the naked katana pics can help determine how old-ish it is. https://ibb.co/album/gELYQa
  14. Bruce, thanks for the response. I will be leaving my sword as is for now. I will continue to educate myself and perhaps make some decision to act in some form further on down the road. Austus, sadly the other swords were all more expensive and I dont have the money to throw at them. Plus truthfully I personally didnt aesthetically like the look of the mount/handles of the swords, tsuba and seppa on the swords. They will be there for others with the interest, passion and very importantly...bankroll.
  15. I will take the overhead full shot of the blade with the tang today to hopefully help learn more on the sword from you guys. Thanks in advance for any of the knowledge you share.
  16. Grey, My names Adam. I just googled Duluth and I'm located in SE WI (Lake Geneva) so about a 6 hour drive from you. Whenever I find myself that way I will actually reach out to you to see if we could meet. I want to do right by this sword but I won't be able to do the traditional $100 per inch full on style of repair. The blade is 27". Perhaps one day down the line. I don't mind its appearence as it is part of it's story but again the active red rust really does just seem wrong to leave. I will just use the Choji oil for now to keep it stabilized and wait. The guy who bought the sword collection is located in South Milwaukee by the way if anyone is interested. Had maybe 7 or 8 more swords, mine was the cheapest one he had available.
  17. Anything specific I can take photos of to help? Amongst those three links theres probably 40 or so photos. I tried to document every bit of the sword to get the most help. Is it really the best idea to do nothing even with active red rust on the blade? Seems counter intuitive to me. I will leave the tang alone, but the tip area has active red rest.....I ask because I truly don't know. Doing nothing seems wrong as there has to be a gentle museum approved way to address it rather than just oil to sustain current form. So $800 was a fair price for the sword? Even if not I would still love it for my lifetime.
  18. So I purchased a Japanese WW2 Type 94 or 98 mount? sword for $800.00 and I really know nothing about these things. I knew that I wanted one and this one seemed very authentic. It was purchased from a War Relics Antique Store and the store owner had just acquired an entire collection from someone who had recently passed. Basically I am looking for a few things. 1)Confirm the sword is indeed authentic 2) Learn how to address some issues/damage that is on the blade such as pitting and some rust (see photographs). 3) If it is real identify a basic range of age for the blade (is it like 85 years old...100ish?) Basically, did I do good with this purchase or did I get hosed? Also thanks in advance for any responses. In terms of care for it I have already purchased a sword cleaning kit, Choji oil made by the Asian Art Institute, Renaissance Metal De-Corroder Rust Removal, Reinaissance Pre-Lim and Renaissance Wax. Basically buying a bunch of stuff to cover all bases before decididing what to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated Here are links to all the photos I have taken of it to help me in this quest: https://ibb.co/album/fUD6BF https://ibb.co/album/kkR7ka https://ibb.co/album/cCpSka All the Best.
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