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  1. Well I also do photography so I have a couple dozen Leica’s, ditto for Hasselblad 503 and rolleiflex 2.8F, and my fair share of Linhof together with a couple hundred lenses for the different formats listed above. But I do not see myself as a collector, more a user as I still try to use my cameras as much as I can. Other than that I have a healthy collection of antique or not tea set and tea pots, with mostly black tea
  2. Very interesting reading..... put things in perspective
  3. Dear fellow member, I just got myself a last minute, half work related trip to New York and decided to spend a couple more days to visit. Any recommendations for any Nihonto related book stores, museums, antique shops or even flea market? Ray here already very kindly pointed me to a couple museums, big thanks, Ray.
  4. Thanks to everyone for your input. while there are different views on how and when to use shinken for practice, using old nihonto is a big no no. And I have learnt quite a bit in the process.
  5. Thanks Dave and Ken and everyone. I’ll follow my dojo rules and your advice. Still, and to go back to this impertinent and frivolous thread of mine, I for one still use antique cameras when it comes to that, or ride in antique cars. Granted, they are only 50 or so odd years old, but it helps to explain my curiosity in the matter....
  6. So I understand it’s a more or less resounding no...... Now a follow up question, would the same apply to Gendaito or Mantetsu? If my questions seem offensive to some of our fellow members, please be assured it’s not my intention to offend, i am just curious to know. Thanks TY
  7. Ken, you are absolutely right, in our dojo we need to be 5th Dan or above to qualify using shinken. Unfortunately I still have a long way to go to achieve that.....
  8. Thanks Jean for your input. I’d like to be able to say when you love you don’t count but alas, I am not born rich. By the way, the shinshinto master I talked about above is 水心子正秀.
  9. An encyclopaedia indeed, let me post mine when I am back from travel.....
  10. Dear fellow members, I am curious and grateful to know your views on the following question: Should the katanas be used ( iaido, kata, tameshigiri, etc etc) or not? It’s an open question and there’s no absolute right or wrong. Rather I am interested in your views. For starters I am new to nihonto and Iaido and I am leaning more on the use side, because, among other reasons, there’s an Asian concept that a nice weapon will need to be used to keep its spirit, which in its most basic form means it needs to cut through bodies and savour the blood. There’s also this saying about your enemy when he’s cut, it does not matter whether it’s by a jumyo or a showa. And lastly some shinshinto master smith said something like a nice sword should have the blade fashioned like a sickle or an axe because it needs to cut through armour in field. On the other hand, the not use arguments would be those are antiques, and it’s more a piece of history and culture than a piece of weaponry; and because of all the polishing and so on, it might not even be good to use them. I am interesting to hear more views and reasons for both sides. Best TY
  11. So do I understand that gendaito in Guntō mount would still be traditionally made but Showa to not?
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