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  1. m4l700

    Fatal flaw or?

    Thank you John! I know it might not be wise to invest in this blade as an aesthetic and historical piece, but for the (low)price of this package I basically get the blade for free Hard to resist with this koshirae(even not in the best condition but still)
  2. m4l700

    Fatal flaw or?

    Thank you for your sharp eye Ray! Based on the sugata and nakago, I was thinking it might be Shinto? Possibly Kanbun or Kan'ei? I know that is hard to judge based on these pictures. Sorry I still have much to learn with older than Gendaito blades, but I do enjoy it!
  3. m4l700

    Fatal flaw or?

    Hi everyone, I was looking at this sword and it has a fairly desirable and rare gunto koshirae(im mainly a gunto/gendai collector), but there is this strange break in the hamon that distracts me. What do we think about this? It's only on a certain spot on both sides, and the blade being mumei it might have been rejected or? Haven't bought it yet, but i'm really thinking about it. Thanks in advance!
  4. Just noticed this thread/section that I rarely visit. However, @Brian I'm not sure if it's possible with Invision or at the hosting company, but converting(automatically) all images to webp and/or using a CDN like cloudflare cdn reduces the file sizes and could speed up the loading time a lot. Since the payload would be greatly reduced on each request, which results in a faster response and better user experience in the end. But again, I dont know what is possible with Invision and these optimisations. But that is easier said than done. Coming from a Full stack / Lead Developer, if you ever need some help or another set of technical eyes/brains just ask.
  5. Thank you for explaining Bruno! haha I think it is a translation error/mistake In my language 'infamous' can also be used in a good and positive way, which I meant. I even have a blade by Ishido Teruhide myself that I greatly enjoy
  6. Just mentioning it, since that is the one that usually everyone is talking about when the name Ishido Teruhide is mentioned in showa/gendaito context. And since Gareth said 'Ishido Minamoto TeruHide' I thought I would bring it up. Not sure if that is what the Mei says. So this cannot be trusted?
  7. Very nice sword Gareth! You can be proud to possess this work Keep in mind, this smith has nothing to do with the infamous Ishido Teruhide, they are not related. http://www.japaneseswordindex.com/teruhide.htm
  8. Reposting this picture. Don't remember who made it here on nmb, all credit to that person.
  9. Probably my gendai Enomoto Sadayoshi(mukansa). Just because I randomly discovered that sword at an auction while no one else took notice or knew what it was...So I got lucky
  10. Thanks Leen! I certainly will Thank you Bruce! Yes this is indeed the wrong tassel, the sword came straight from Japan so I suspect that a post-war owner attached the wrong tassel. I might try to find a naval tassel and use this IJA tassel on one of my shingunto's
  11. I have received the sword and I must say I absolutely enjoy it. Just wow, really interesting and pleasing to my eye. I also did some research on that mon with the aid of a book that I have and I did found this design in there. Made some quick snapshots with my phone, enjoy(see posts below)
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