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  1. Thank you for explaining Bruno! haha I think it is a translation error/mistake In my language 'infamous' can also be used in a good and positive way, which I meant. I even have a blade by Ishido Teruhide myself that I greatly enjoy
  2. Just mentioning it, since that is the one that usually everyone is talking about when the name Ishido Teruhide is mentioned in showa/gendaito context. And since Gareth said 'Ishido Minamoto TeruHide' I thought I would bring it up. Not sure if that is what the Mei says. So this cannot be trusted?
  3. Very nice sword Gareth! You can be proud to possess this work Keep in mind, this smith has nothing to do with the infamous Ishido Teruhide, they are not related. http://www.japaneseswordindex.com/teruhide.htm
  4. Reposting this picture. Don't remember who made it here on nmb, all credit to that person.
  5. Probably my gendai Enomoto Sadayoshi(mukansa). Just because I randomly discovered that sword at an auction while no one else took notice or knew what it was...So I got lucky
  6. Thanks Leen! I certainly will Thank you Bruce! Yes this is indeed the wrong tassel, the sword came straight from Japan so I suspect that a post-war owner attached the wrong tassel. I might try to find a naval tassel and use this IJA tassel on one of my shingunto's
  7. I have received the sword and I must say I absolutely enjoy it. Just wow, really interesting and pleasing to my eye. I also did some research on that mon with the aid of a book that I have and I did found this design in there. Made some quick snapshots with my phone, enjoy(see posts below)
  8. I agree John, that was also my initial reaction. Looks really close to some of my whermacht/luftwaffe/kriegsmarine tassels(portepee).
  9. Uh wait what...Why would they put a historical/nihonto blade in a type95 koshirae? That seems rather strange.
  10. @Rob, Thank you for sharing! It seems we might be onto something with it being possibly a mon. But on the other hand, who knows, because why would you place it somewhere where it isn't directly visible? hmm
  11. Interesting idea Bruce! I did some quick research and found some interesting mon's that might be something, like this example below. But it isn't quite right. Edit: This one seems to fit with the exact number of holes and in the same position: Apparently there is a Navy connection with this mon. The Kuki family served(in the navy) under Oda Nobunaga and later Hideyoshi(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuki_Yoshitaka). I find it interesting to put 1 and 1 together but that would be too easy lol! Even someone from that family was named 'Kuki Tadayoshi'. But who knows
  12. @Ronnie, wow thank you very much!! Amazing what we all together can produce here on nmb. Thank you Bruce! I was wondering about that as well. What would be the advantage of that...weight savings? I have bought the sword and added it to the collection. Cant wait to see it in person. I will update the thread with additional pictures once I've received it.
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