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  1. What a gorgeous sword Edward! And that hamon, wow! Very interesting. If the sword was in Europe I would buy it in a heartbeat haha. Cant be bothered with international shipping and +21% import taxes at the moment
  2. May I ask for help with the translation of this mei? It is a Gunto with a possible gendaito blade. Thank you!
  3. Very interesting piece of documentation Neil! I have this paper frontpage from this remarkable day in history. Might be interesting to show
  4. I've got an additional picture of this blade, seems to me like oil and ageing stains? Any other opinions on this blade are much appreciated
  5. Thank you for pointing that out John! I did ask for some extra pictures of that area, to have a closer look.
  6. I am mainly a gunto/gendai collector, however for some time I've been looking for a kai-gunto(naval) with an older nihonto blade and I came across this one. Before I make the call, is there anything that is strange about the blade itself with these pictures? I know this is difficult from pictures but could the mei possibly be gimei or? It looks to be crudely made. Thanks to Jean for translation of the mei, it might be one of the Yoshikuni's? https://nihontoclub.com/view/smiths/meisearch?order=title&sort=desc&page=15&type=All&mei_op=contains&mei= Thanks!
  7. Currently I'm looking at this sword and as I understand certain(few) common characters I absolutely cant read this mei. Could anybody be of assistance? This is an older blade in Kai Gunto fittings. Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks for letting me know! I cant read kanji so unfortunately I have no clue what is up or down😅 Thanks! The polish is done on order be me by a western (dutch)polisher. Yes I know what most people think of that, but with his 40 year experience, polished blades by him that got papers and the Japanese that are actually interested in his polishing I took the chance. The blade was a wreck before and now I'm quite happy how it turned out.
  9. Time for me to show my gendai Ishido Teruhide mei with kao. Not sure if it would be considered 'high-end' but I absolutely enjoy it! Photographs are realy hard to take of blades, I hope the sword and the pictures speak for itself The sword has a fully hardened kissaki(ichimai) if I am correct, hard to tell from pictures.
  10. Hi John, Interesting indeed! I have only one Gunto(98) with a mon and it is a showa seki blade! Atleast on the higher end of the Showa scale I think. You might have seen it before but i'll post it anyway Oh, sorry for the photo spam 🙃
  11. Maybe a strange question, but something I was wondering about for quite some time now and I couldn't really find any good information about this subject in the books, internet and here at nmb. Perhaps someone here know the 'true' meaning? Why did some (RJT)smiths use their personal seal on certain blades? And no kao on other blades they crafted? I know this usage goes back centuries, however, what is the reason to put a personal seal on a gendaito blade that they created? In my mind it would be something to use when I would be proud on the specific crafted blade, a finished product to cherish. Basically a 'personal seal of approval'. Did I just answer my own question? I could be totally wrong here, but I wonder if there just is a logical reason behind it?
  12. Hi Bruce, Interesting stuff! I was thinking, is there another way to clean the saya liners of the type94/98? Perhaps even without getting them out of the saya, with something like a rifle cleaning rod and a piece of microfiber cloth attached? Not sure if that would do more harm than good. Did a quick search but couldn't really find much about it.
  13. Thank you Trystan! So probably the place/company where the fittings where custom made for this blade? The rayskin(sharkskin?) saya must have cost a bit extra I assume, along with the fittings. It is indeed a shame about the flaws in the blade, but it is what it is. I think it might be an interesting package.
  14. Yes, I know it is almost forbidden to checkout items on ebay. But sometimes it is really interesting to see what you can find there, even just for the sake of checking it out. I found this gunto with these interesting and maybe high-end moutings and blade(gimei?)? Atleast, I dont see a sharkskin saya everyday on a type98, and the sarute looks interesting? Besides what is that writing on the kabuto gane and the end? https://www.ebay.com/itm/116-WWII-Japanese-GUNTO-Army-Shark-skin-sharpening-Saya-and-KIYOMITSU-Katana/283773581677?hash=item421239396d:g:TqAAAOSwTRZeO5QH It looks to me like a really rare and high-end one. Have I been fooled?
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