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  1. Hello again, I would like some help from the experts and was wondering what's written on this Saya. Thanks again!
  2. Wow thank you for the fast response
  3. Hi Just another mei I'm having a hard time with. Thank you for the help!
  4. Rei Sinn

    New found Fuchi

    Hello again! I came across another finding at a recent gun show with a beautiful signed fuchi. The Fuchi depicts a samurai riding on a rather ambitious looking horse, equipped with a sword, arrowsand gear while yielding a flag of the family mon. I was impressed by the meticulous amount of crafted detail! Wondering if anyone on the forums might believe if the fuchi is authentic or not, and if anyone might have more information on it. I'm also not entirely sure who the signature belongs to. Many thanks guys!
  5. Rei Sinn


    George I'm sure photographing a sword in 1982 would have been a lot different compared to our modern digital age! Not nearly as convenient back then. Again, much appreciated.
  6. Rei Sinn


    George your information is invaluable to me. Seems that Sadao-san had a rather elegant signature which he surrendered to the unfortunate standards and demands of war. In this respect, the nakirishimei seems to be a small tragedy. The comparison is interesting nonetheless.
  7. Hello, I came across a boy's sword with a mei I couldn't translate. Thanks guys!
  8. Rei Sinn


    Gentleman, thank you all for your input! George, I would be honored to see your specimen as I have never seen any other sword with this pattern hamon! Your kyu gunto mounts seem to be a bit of an anomaly as well. It's strange, since I found this particular showa-to mounted in koshirae which once had a mon that was plucked out of the kashira. I'm not entirely sure if the koshirae was switched. Perhaps our Kanesada-san was more recognized than the more common Showa smiths?
  9. Rei Sinn


    I apologize if I'm posting this in the wrong forum section. I was wondering what this is and particularly what the age of the sword is. There are two distinct types of temper lines on the blade, which seem unusual to me. The nagasa measures 26 inches and the length 34 inches. Thanks guys!
  10. Cool! I'll take the advice. I'll be updating the post when something new comes through. Can't thank you all enough!
  11. Tom- My guess is a proper polish would probably be about five to six times what I originally invested in it. If it truly is an Emura it would probably be worth it even though I'm partial about it being an Emura blade. In my opinion, the blade seems like a mishmosh of Yamashiro style with Enju school emulation and modified Bizen features. For me it's a real head scratcher since I've never seen an example of any gendai that looks like this, even in Emura blades for that matter. I assume NBTHK would probably want the whole picture?
  12. Fascinating parallel! I feel like this would be unique for an Emura tachi. Now I'm off to sift through Emura references. Thanks for the lead Mark!
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