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  1. Hello Fung, I am not sure if you are still looking for a Yasukuni sword, but I own a sword made by Yasunobu in the Yasukuni shrine on a lucky day (Kichi Jitsu) in September in 1944. It was made for Lieutenenat General Moratai,  but the tsuka was (perhaps) never finished and it is in shirasaya. I have had it for 25 years and acquired it from the widow of an American who may have been given it by the General at the end of the war, in Japan. I have not really tried to sell it yet. I have done some research and had the tang writings translated. I have communicated with some Militaria dealers who helped with the translation, but I was not considering selling at the time. This is what one of them said: 

    “ Very nice sword made by Yasunobu in Yasukuni shrine on a lucky day September in 1944.It's a real nihonto made of tamagahana steel, very, very valuable.

    I am considering selling it and was wondering if you might be interested in buying it.  It still has the original purple silk bag with red tassels and the blade itself if in pristine condition.

    Please let me know if you are interested or would like more photos.

    Thanks, Chris9








  2. I tried microfibres with 99% alcohol today to remove the rusts. It works but still scars remaining.... I tried to place a very thin layer of Choji oil on blades after the alcohol cleaning, is it a good way of maintaining sword? Is 99% alcohol also useful as a substitute of Choji oil normally?
  3. Perhaps I poured too much oil to my sword before....shall I erase the excess oil after putting choisi oil? And if the shirasaya absorbs too much oil, will it promote rust on the blade too?
  4. yes, these are newly made rusts, I think because my place is too humid and because the swords are of old polish...I’ll try microfibre and isoprpy alchohol first, thx!
  5. thanks, and here is a photo of the rust...and I live in a high humid place...
  6. Hello experts here, how often do u put Choji oil on ur sword to keep it in gd status? I recently found that there are some rust spots on my swords, are there ways to remove them? Or if u have any good websites or methods to share it will be much helpful!
  7. I am a new starter on swords, so pls forgive me if my questions doesn’t seem very smart to you! Still on my way to learn...
  8. Hi all, thanks for your valuable comments, much appreciated. I’m not sure whom I can ask so I come to ask the question on this forum, my first thought is the Mei looks good and near the original one provided by the seller with his sword reference book. but when it comes to Hamon I could find no information. Actually I faced some difficulties to do my research on the subject of Japanese swords here because in my city there is no book and only very few studies Japanese swords. I tried to research on Kotestsu online but too bad I can’t find good info.
  9. Gentlemen, authentic Nagasone Kotetsu in your professional opinion?
  10. Thanks Stephen, I saw many posts in this forum for that seller...I am not confident enough to find one with him after reading those posts
  11. depends on whether there is a cert and the quality of the sword
  12. I bought from Joe one of the swords recently, he responded swiftly my questions, act so promptly in shipment, and shared with me his professional knowledge on swords. For those who are still hesitating, I would highly recommend him to everybody.
  13. This is a good stuff, wish it could find a nice home soon
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