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  1. Beautiful kai-gunto swords. I have two, both in almost perfect condition.
  2. Hi Mark, The following site has some good info http://www.japaneseswordindex.com/kanji/kanji1.htm
  3. Chameleon dark has still the same font size but the dimensions dark has now a larger font size. Much better for me! I'll use dimensions dark theme now. Thanks.
  4. Brian, Thanks for your quick response. I don't think it's available on tablets. I shall try to modify the theme on my pc later.
  5. Hi Brian, I like the new themes. I'm currently using Chameleon Dark. It looks great on my tablet but is it possibly to increase the font size a little bit? Normally I use the 'All the things dark' theme, much easier to read. I'm getting old. All the best, Ed
  6. Hi John, thanks for your reply! It's well done and is nicely decorated. Hard to see but I don't want to clean it and ruin the patina.
  7. Hi Geoff, You're right it's called Ishizuke. Thank you for that. Still have to learn a lot. I agree with you. Distinctive, cool and nicely done.
  8. Hi Bruce, It has an old blade. Mumei, shortened with 3 mekugi ana.
  9. Yesterday I have picked up an army sword and the koshirae is really nice but the kojiri is replaced. It looks like a field or local repair. The sword was brought back from the Dutch East Indies shortly after the war. Anyone seen this kind of repairs before? I don't know if the replacement is done during the war of after. It shows some age. All opinions are highly appreciated! Regards, Ed
  10. Ian, that is really beautiful. The craftsmanship is definitely high. Can you please post more pictures? Regards, Ed
  11. Ian, Maybe you find this also interesting https://www.christies.com/en/lot/lot-4680029
  12. Hi Ian, That's a stunning tsuba. I have a tanto with similar fittings. Regards Ed
  13. Hi Barry and Mark, Good point about the position of the hitsu ana. You guys are probably right about the fact it's modern. Lesson learned. Regards, Ed
  14. Hi John, thank you for your opinion. Highly appreciated. The colors are in reality darker. I was expecting it was made in the Edo period. Regards, Ed
  15. Picked up this large katchushi tsuba at a military fair. Normally not the place to found a tsuba. Diameter is 9.5 cm. From my novice point of view it's beautiful crafted. What do you guys think of this tsuba? Feel free to comment.
  16. Hi Bruce, The pattern is called Sayagata. A pattern of interlocking Manji. Regards, Ed
  17. Hi Barry, Hope this photo will help. Regards, Ed
  18. Some really nice habaki. Here's one of mine.
  19. Hi Jussi, Both beautiful blades but personally I like the left one the most. I find the sori more attractive and I like the smaller kissaki. Regards, Ed
  20. Geraint, your absolutely right about the craftsmanship. It's a joy to observe. Regards, Ed
  21. Thank you guys! Cloisonne and shippo are the search terms to use. Not much hits but it's a start. HIrata school seems plausible. I'll try to research the Hirata and Shibata school.
  22. Just to share with you my tanto koshirae with some unusual fittings. The copper gilt fuchi-kashira and menuki are decorated with colored enamels. I have searched for other similar fittings and unfortunately can't find any. Does anyone know more about this type of fittings? Maybe a school to research? Please feel free to comment. Regards, Ed
  23. The holes are called udenuki ana. You can read more about it here Regards, Ed
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