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  1. Hi Chris Mino, not sure on age though as nakago dont scream Muromachi, the way it was cut short does though Only ever seen one katana with really well done controlled muneyaki, that was a Shinto sword A mino sword with muneyaki here. Higaki yasurime again mentioned. Maybe some masame on your sword maybe. http://www.nihontocraft.com/mumei_katana.html Not much help, killed a few minutes why misses has masterchef on cheers
  2. Looks quite a stout blade in the images, whats the Motohaba/sakihaba?
  3. Hi John, Shopping on this type of budget is not easy and you need some patience Occasionally, fair deals come up in the for sale section below in that price range where someone has already taken a hit from a main dealer purchase price and is willing to sell just to move on. Not many of late though. You might find a mumei tanto with a somewhat flashy hamon in that price range. I remember a papered tanto from the late muromachi era that fit that bill a few years ago. It was around for a good while before it sold, it was quite nice. This one hung around too for a good while and i ended up buying it because i like Sue-Mino. No papers and the koshirae was unappealing as the the tsuka needed finishing, the tsuba was missing, the menuki and seppa also. I got a good deal and then had some extra fun putting everything right, in total around £1000. Blade is much better in hand than Kirks photos which was good. Blades like this dont need NBTHK papers as they are so easy to validate by oneself. The Aoi art tanto above. Its a 500 year old piece of history in good condition, all depends on what you want. Its not flashy but its a fair price for what it is. They wil probably polish out any scratchesif you askthem, and paper it if you wish. Personally, not bothered by a few scratches on a blade that is already in good polish, were not talking Juyo here. Dont let me influence you though, make your own decisions and live with them, hopefully happily Added a few pics of the budget Mino tanto now
  4. It depends Charles, had a few blades sat in old koshirae and never had issues, modern home and a fine coat of oil. New polish and old koshirae then then thats a different story and i would have shirasaya made. I would always think twice about shipping a sword unless i really had to in this day and age. Stuff going missing in the post and the rare occasion where the craftsman turns out to be an $$£ole and has your stuff for an eternity (not talking about anyone mentioned in this thread), but it does happen. Hope you get my point.
  5. Just a thought............does it really need a shirasaya ? The saya with the koshirae appears to be in good condition, perhaps an unnecessary expense and a risk of more hassles shipping it. Would only bother if it really needed it.
  6. I look at this way, You buy something you like, enjoy it, and pay for it over a few years. You then have an asset Could think of worse things to do with money
  7. Where is its shirasaya?, if they have it ask them to ship it
  8. Nice blade Charles Late Edo is bit of a surprise as the blade looks worn at the hamachi but the kasane tells another story. I like tanto, easy to collect, nice pick up
  9. As a rough guide Brian hit the nail on the head and i guess the price range he mentions applies to the vast majority of collectors. Also, as mentioned, it is just a rough guide. You may come across TH swords at low prices if your lucky, occasionally find them on consignment by someone that just wants a quick sale You might come across cheaper swords that may not have been made by higher ranking smiths but are appealing because they are quite rare and not seen for sale very often All depends on your budget and what appeals to you
  10. Nice! Il go with Kane—— 1600,ish prob wrong, as usual
  11. Alex A

    Inherited sword

    Now you mention it Jean, yes, your correct, my mix up.
  12. Alex A

    Inherited sword

    Nakago, another that reminds me of Kaga
  13. Remember this Kanefusa on Nicks site some years ago, almost Katana length, nice blade Katana Signed Kanefusa in Koshirae - Nihonto Art
  14. Yes, i think they were more expensive but think most will take it on the chin (so to speak) to get the goods over safely. There is the guy in the US i mention and another dealer in Holland that mentioned he uses them. Good to read they ship swords. Ive found them to be very good, even have their own sorting office in the UK so avoid the dreaded parcelforce hub. I was contacted twice and paperwork sorted without issues. As said though, these were antique guns and not swords. With shipping swords, you never quite know how its going to go and things same to change with whoever you speak to on the day but hoping maybe UPS has a more sensible approach and will offer their services without hassles
  15. Just a thought. I do get confused over USPS and UPS, but have you tried UPS? (as i understand it, nothing do with USPS) I say this because of what a gun dealer told me in the US a while ago, he told me UPS have their own planes so thats the service he has to use to shop antique guns overseas as USPS wont. Different scenario, but maybe worth asking them.
  16. Bad news, hoping you get it back. Many eyes will keep a lookout.
  17. Alex A


  18. Hi Oleg, Nothing factual about who made your sword, just thoughts. I have a Mino Sunnobi tanto, luckily for me its signed and made life a little easier. It did not come with any shinsa papers so i spent much time looking into the blade and tried to work out the date it was made. A bunch of smiths with the same name working from around 1530 and well into the Edo period. Tanto of this form did not not just cease to be made all of a sudden, its a grey area, not black and white. I would look at a similar papered tanto described as "Edo" and think how have they come to than conclusion?. When you look at mass produced Sue-Koto and compare it to something later you see the difference. Im not saying Sue-Koto is all bad by the way, big fan, has character, such works by the likes of Kanesfusa et al i find amazing. As mentioned, the dark steel is a big clue to working out whether Sue-Mino or not. At the end of the Muromachi period things changed, smiths went their own way and set up new schools such as Jumyo and blades changed over time, maybe yours is part of the transition, dunno Im not sure exactly what you mean when you talk about "thicker" blades. An example. If im new to the hobby and start to look at Yoroidoshi (armour piercer tanto) for sale online i may get lucky and find 2 or 3 which still have a thick kasane of 10mm and my opinion is formed that this is the norm. Spend 10 years or so looking at Yoroidoshi for sale online and you see the vast majority have been polished down to 6mm or less, Another example, Dotanuki schools swords often described as massive and no doubt some are but spend a lot of time looking on the internet at examples for sale and you will find most are average. Hope you get my point. Gone on a bit,
  19. I dont think its Shinshinto, more early Edo for me Thing about nakago, sometimes they are in good preservation and the other side of the coin is who is to say it wasn't messed with at a later date Along these lines maybe Early Edo period Katana Unsigned by Jumyo for sale | Samurai Museum Shop
  20. For what its worth, think Kirill may be on the right track. Very difficult from these images. Sue Mino Jihada is said to be blackish, i can only speak of the typical Sue Mino i have seen and when put next to later blades then it becomes more obvious. The blade above, steel seems more refined than Sue Mino. Im looking at pictures though so a lot easier for you to judge. I also think Mino when i look at the blade, but not the end of the Muromachi, more Edo. Perhaps wrong and is Sue Mino, or later Owari, but wouldnt be surprised if it turned out to be something like Jumyo or obscure smith. Unless its textbook then attribution is difficult, be good to see what a Shinsa team calls it. Ps, pc only lets me reply if i quote someone, not sure what the hell is going on.
  21. Hi Oleg, Not many replies so far, probably because its a difficult one. Does not land in Sue-Bizen for me. The blade itself looks well made and later, the nakago appears later. Without spending a lot of time looking at the clues its hard give an opinion. Was thinking one of the "country smith" schools that worked in other styles such as Bizen, maybe, forget the name as brain hasnt fired up yet. (so still considering late Koto) Got some clues there, file marks, shape of nakago, boshi (looks distinct) and clear blade showing details. If get time over next few days will take another look. Cheers
  22. Hello, Unless the koshirae is made for a blade, it will scuff and ruin the polish. Best
  23. Hi Bill, your right, thats all that matters. Searching within what you can afford or what you want to spend can be a challenge but is always good fun and for me has been the best part of the hobby. Truth is, most folk cannot afford the swords they wish they could so there are always compromises. The tanto i mentioned above is something that may have been attractive to me on one of my sword hunts in the past but some would describe it as junk, its all relative. Well made, signed, old, authentic and i like the fact it is with its old fittings and probably been sat like that for quite some time. If you cant afford the top stuff then you have to find ways of enjoying stuff at the lower end, though this i must say can become futile and probably would make an interesting topic. There will always be good swords for lower prices. Sometimes best keeping purchases to yourself, forums are great as a whole but alas there are always one or two elitist (fake elitist) ******** that feel the need to rain on a parade Anyways, happy hunting.
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