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  1. Hello, I can see a difference of opinion when it comes to dates. Some claim Bunmei and some Eisho for No-Sada. Shodai Bunmei and Nidai Eisho, where Nidai supposedly is No-Sada and Shodai is Oya. I can also find different origin in terms of school influence. Some of you might have more dates and info?
  2. Thank you John and BaZZa, It's an early mei from Yamano Nagahisa. Was hoping that someone had a specimen from a book or an actual blade.
  3. Hi all, Does anyone have a blade with a Tameshi mei from pre Kanbun and from Yamano Kanjuro? I need some reference blades. The thing I'm really curious about the a prefix that I have never seen before (I know they come in different variations) and want to know how common it is: 截手 I have seen a lot of Kanbun blades in general and no one with this prefix. So I assume it is an old style. My blade was tested 1636. (Made a typo with date, corrected)
  4. Mishina rocks! I have a playlist on my YouTube channel, during the coming weeks there will be more Mishina blades added to the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9hcecXUdJrr_A8XVBIHPe4n1Uul0qNYT
  5. Eddie, I have one coming up this Friday on my YouTube channel. Have a look at it if you like. I couldn't find any link to "your" blade. If you want to share, please PM : )
  6. Hello, From a studying point of view there is a lot to learn from a mumei blade. From a value point of view with, authentic, mei. More value if it is dated I would like to think.
  7. Hi all! Next important milestone reached: 200+ videos! There are actually already 252 uploaded and waiting to be published. I will be at the Stockholm Antiques Fair this year too: http://www.antikmassan.se/2018/digital-stands/nihonto-europe
  8. This is why I make videos of the swords. If there is any doubt for any reason. the video shows everything. Every little scratch. I think you should do this first. Check your pictures. Are they really accurate? 90% of the pics here (and elsewhere) really bad. Maybe the customer/buyer thinks you tricked him by bad photos? If there is no doubt about the pictures and description of the goods, go ahead to the next step. That is my recommendation.
  9. UPDATES! I have removed advertising on all videos. Publications will go from 3 to 2 (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays).
  10. Hi Alex, Would be interesting to see it. I have a papered Naohide (son of Naokatsu). Allegedly he made swords in the style of his father. Since the Naohide is mumei, there is always doubt unless no reference work is at hand.
  11. Here is a good example of the relationship, maybe even the "Masa" was inherited to the school?
  12. About the horimono. It's really a non-discussion or a non-debate since the final comment/question will be: When was the horimono added? So, it will be an ongoing argument regardless if this is seen on any cutting instrument of any year or era. Not taking any side in the discussion. I've read topics like this before...
  13. I think it was, if not now. Maybe it was a donation. Cannot remember.
  14. Hello. Searched the forum, but couldn't really find the relevant info. Do we have a pinned post with NBTHK shinsa dates and current prices? Would be great to have it pinned and subject to regular update. I want to submit a blad to Juyo and need to do some time/cost calculations. The blade has tokuho today.
  15. Dang! Thank you for all the advice! Not so much for saving money...I have very little time at the moment and it seems I saved time thanks to all the advice. Again. Thank you!
  16. Ian, That is not the 3rd edition (I think earlier as you say). Maybe a plan B for me. Stephen, Yes, the mei oshigata is important. I have so many Sukesada that I really need to know which one is which. Impossible to set a correct price on them otherwise. Trying to save money by pursuing a used book : ) If I would know for a fact that it would help me with only 1 of my blades I'd purchase a new one. Blagoy, Link is not working. I did see a NEW on amazon today. Same?
  17. Hi all, If anyone has this book, please send a PM. Third edition and used.
  18. Sad to hear. Only moments ago I put Volume 2 back in the shelf. He will be missed. R.I.P.
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