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  1. I have used him on several occasions for various projects and am very happy with his work.
  2. katana and wak version of same i have tanto version of such as well
  3. Yes it does have hamon it does not show well in the picture. Thanks to all for your help. I believe it was a bride's tanto.
  4. Following WW2 my friend's father was stationed in Japan. I believe he traded a pack of cigarettes for this tanto. It’s about 10” with case, about 9’ blade. He was wondering if it would paper and if it would be worth it.
  5. The nakago is ubu, signed tachi mei, Mishina Tajima no Kami Munetsugu and dated Horeki Jusai (Junen) Tatsu Nigatsu Kichijitsu (Year of the Dragon 1760).
  6. Yamato Tegai School in D guard mounts. Last battle for a 800 year old soldier
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