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32 Inch Ubu Kamakura Tachi (Nbthk Tokuho To Hoju)

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I'd call this a rare opportunity to own a long ubu Kamakura tachi.


The sword is ubu, and with a nagasa of 81.5 cm (32 inch) it has an imposing size. A Hoju school sword that has been awarded a Tokubetsu Hozon by the NBTHK.


This is not an art sword, but a formidable weapon and a rare specimen of an ubu Kamakura tachi. 


The Hoju school from Oshu (Mutsu) has been producing highly functional weapons which, unlike other Japanese sword,  withstood the harsh coldness of Northern Japan. The sword retains a grand sugata, although it has had it share of polishes, and it displays all the characteristic o-hada of Oshu-mono, the most visible of all being the standing out, large hada (o-hada, hadatatsu). It feels very heavy in hand. It is very likely that the nakago had originally a more pronounced curve so that the koshi zori was deeper. It has likely been hammered back during the Muromachi period (a theory of a Japanese sword smith who has seen this blade)


The hada is somewhat coarse, as is typical for this school, and there will be small tate ware here and there, but nothing that detracts. 


The sword comes in a Japanese shirasaya and an old one piece copper habaki.


My pictures are pretty bad, but at least you can see the hada and some parts of the hamon. In one of the pics you will see the tachi together with another Kamakura sword - a suriage daito with a 70 cm (27.5 inch) nagasa. That should give you an idea how long this sword is  :shock:

Nagasa:       81.5cm
Sori:            2.2cm
Motohaba:    3.15cm
Sakihaba:     1.8cm  
Motogasane: 7.5mm
Sakigasane:  4.5mm 
Nakago:       ubu
Mekugi:       1
Jidai:           Kamakura
Province:     Oshu (Mutsu)
Hamon:       Suguha cho with ko-gunome
Boshi:         Yakizume with hakkikake
Jitetsu:       itame
$9,000 plus shipping and PayPal fees. Find me a long and ubu Tokubetsu Hozon tachi for this price if you can  ;-) 
Bank transfer welcome, payment schedule possible (don't be shy, ask).  
Guarantee: 3 days inspection period and if, for whatever reason, you are not happy with the sword, you can send it back for a full refund (minus actual shipping costs)
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You know my policy with sales, take tarts...  :laughing:



Offer expires on Sunday and then I will ask the ever patient admins to delete this post.


Thanks for watching - I think such a long and ubu Kamakura tachi will not show up anytime soon. 

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Nice sword, nice price.  Mariusz is right, find another contemporary piece for that price.

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I will probably keep this offer for a few more days. I am prepared to offer a very attractive payment schedule (how about six moths or even more?) but I will not cut the price. Again, ubu, long, Kamakura... Not exactly common ;)

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If you kept it amd offered it again next year I'd most likely take it. No money until then I'm afraid but someone should really jump on this.

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Dear Raphael, 


Once a potential buyer contacts me, the sword will be available until a deal is made or until both sides decide not to pursue it. I cannot expect anybody to make a decision about an item like this under time pressure. If you are interested, we shall talk. I'll send you a PM.

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Thank you, Jean  :)


Courtesy of Hoanh who gave a me detailed instructions  :thumbsup:


Thank you for your kind words, Marius. I think it was actually the other way around.


Warmest Regards,


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